Monday, July 18, 2011

Home again

We made it home early yesterday afternoon. Our proposed stop at Beaver was canceled since they were full up and had no room for us. My wife/navigator had a backup plan at a park in Kanarraville, UT so we called them and slid into their last space. The people were nice enough but the park was crappy. Our space was perhaps 14 feet wide (4.25m); with the slide out our trailer is 11 feet (3.35m) wide. We stepped off our steps onto the mat that our neighbor had put out. Not good but what can you do. At least it was long enough so we didn't have to unhitch the truck. It was only for one night and we needed to dump our waste tanks. The town itself is no more than a wide spot in the road with hardly any amenities but quiet living.

We had both forgotten how spectacular the Virgin River Gorge was even though we just drove through it 3 weeks ago! Of course, that was going up and this time we got to go down. It is absolutely amazing. You drive down a 7% grade towards this cliff that is almost completely vertical and so high you can't see the top through the windshield. At the last moment, the road turns and you find a little way through the canyon. That goes on for like 10 miles (16km). This part if I-15 shared between Utah, Arizona and Nevada just leaves me breathless.

The trip was an unqualified success. We got to see our friends and got to see some great scenery; what more could one ask? Heck, I even bought the right amount of scotch so that I ran out on our last evening! How's that for planning? (It's a LOT cheaper in Nevada so I took plenty.) We've got almost everything off the trailer and I vacuumed it this a.m. so we can put it away in it's shed for the rest of the summer.

The house is just fine. We have a few dead bugs laying around but that's to be expected I guess. That's why I sprayed before we left, so they would be dead. We left the a/c set on 85F (29C) and it was only about 80F (26C) so our electric bill should be pretty reasonable for the month. (It was 101F (38C) outside at the time.) Last night I put the bird feeders out again and we've had a few visitors so I guess they will forgive us for leaving them for a month.

Hope you've had a wonderful month as well. I'm off to catch up on some more blogs. I'll leave you with one last photo of our Colorado River trip - climbers on the walls of the canyon. Have a good one!


JoeinVegas said...

Did you get out of the truck and climb walls too?

Dan said...

I've often wondered how often the spaces leave a bit to be desired. Somehow I can't picture enjoying RV/trailer travel through the Southwest in the heat, but that could just be me.