Friday, July 15, 2011

Moat, Utah

We drove from Monument Valley, Utah to Moab, Utah.  It was a pretty good road and had wonderful scenery.  I like the combination!  Plus it was only about 140 miles (225 km).  We have no reason to drive all over the place in a day.

Now we are checking out Moab.  Just outside of town is Arches National Park.  Nice place.  You go up some switchbacks to the top of the mesa then drive around looking at arches and other rock formations.  We were there in the mid-morning so it was hot.  Walking to the various arches was tough because of the heat but we enjoyed viewing them.  This is Turret Arch. If you look closely you'll see some of the many, many stairs!

We got back to Moab about 13:30 and had lunch at the Moab Brewery. The food was good and so was the beer! Overall a very good experience. After lunch we went back to the rig for a few hours with the animals. About 17:00 we left again for a jet boat trip on the Colorado River. Going down the river towards Canyonlands NP was fun. We got to see more cliffs, petroglyphs, jeep trails; all kinds of stuff. Here is a photo of one of the mini-canyons by the side of the river. Our guide said the river is usually about 3 feet deep (.9m); because of all the snowmelt this year the level of the river is about 10 feet (3m) over normal!

After the boat ride we ate a 'chuck wagon style' dinner at the boat landing. Considering the limitations of cooking everything in dutch ovens, it wasn't bad. The beef and the pork were the winners for us, the chicken and bbq pork weren't on the same level.

We are having a quiet day today. We'll check out Moab itself and maybe create some new restaurant reviews. Tomorrow we head for home via Beaver, UT. Have a good one.

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