Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Nice day....

We left Colorado Springs this morning and drove West on CO 24.  It was a really nice road.  We went as far as CO 558 where we went south a bit then turned west again on US 50.  All were well maintained roads.  Except for the fact that we went up over 11K feet again (over 3,400M) it was just fine.  The truck doesn't really like those altitudes but we managed it ok.  We probably didn't need to stop for diesel but we don't like running low so we stopped and filled up in Gunnison.  One time returning from California we were stretching to get to another city before filling up; we came WAY TOO CLOSE to running out because of the variability of the mileage between flat roads and mountain roads.  We don't want to do that again!

The scenery was amazing.  We saw tight canyons, beautiful trees, fantastic rivers.  It is a beautiful area.  Now we can say we've driven through the heart of the Rockies.  There were two or three moments when we were a bit uncomfortable but it really wasn't bad. 

We ended up in Montrose, CO for the evening.  It's a P/A park so we paid $34 for two nights with full hookups.  The spaces are pull-through and are nicely spaced.  You really can't beat a deal like that.  We are planning to visit the Black Canyon of the Gunnison tomorrow then leave on Thursday for Durango.  As the site says "No other canyon in North America combines the narrow opening, sheer walls, and startling depths offered by the Black Canyon of the Gunnison."  Should be fun. 

Gotta go.  I'm going to need my beauty sleep for all that canyon viewing.  Take care.


JoeinVegas said...

You get to see a lot of the country. But yes, you are that guy I drive behind trying to pass. Oh well

Unknown said...

Aren't the ups and downs of Colorado mountain driving fun? And yes, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison is quite spectacular.

Ed said...

I'll be following in your footsteps and my own so to speak.

Will be in Montrose for a month starting August 4th. I have been there twice before. The first time on a bicycle trip that took me over Monarch Pass in 1991. The second time in 2007 I was towing my Teardrop over the Pass that was snow packed on the east slope.