Wednesday, July 20, 2011

RV travels

I got a couple comments on my earlier post that I just can't let pass. First, did I go rock climbing?  NO! I feel no need to creep up the sides of mountains on the end of a rope! Hell, just walking uphill is strenuous enough for me.

Second, yes, Rv'ing in the heat of the Southwest summer can be less than fun. Some fulltime rigs are probably more efficient but our trailer a/c is only able to reduce the heat by about 20 degrees Fahrenheit (6-7C). That's not enough if it is really warm. Then again the refrigerator isn't terribly effective either so that's a bad thing as well. Of course, we don't ordinarily choose to travel in the summer. We did this time so we could see our friends before they leave on a trip of their own. The questions did remind me of some of the different parks we've stayed in over the years.

There is the place in Ozona, Texas. It looks like an oldtime drive in movie. It is entirely gravel, entirely flat and each space has a little concrete island that contains your hookups and a 50 gallon trash barrel. It's on the side of I-10 so is convenient but a little noisy!

One of our favorite places was in Big Bend NP. It had no hookups but was in a secluded little grove of trees with the next rig maybe 100 feet away. Unfortunately we didn't realize how cold it was going to be and couldn't stay long with no hookup.

We like the Escapee's parks. They are usually intelligently laid out so you aren't looking into someone's rig and large enough to accommodate any rig.  The bigger parks have lots of amenities like pools, game and exercise rooms,etc.  They are also quite inexpensive, often less that $15 a night for short stays and much less for longer stays.

We stayed in one park in Maine that was a huge field.  Around two edges were permanent rigs left by the owners for use on the weekends.  The center was for transients; we had it all to ourselves!  It must have been a couple hundred yards (meters) to the next rig!

We like rv'ing.  It allows us to have a stability in everyday life that moving from motel to motel doesn't allow.  It also makes traveling with our pets easier.  And it's seldom dull!  Have a good ine.

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