Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To rant or not to rant; no, that's not the question.

I was going to write a rant today about all the things I see wrong with our political scene these days.  I got tired of that so decided to write a list of things I find good about our country these days.  Got tired of that as well! 

I've got a question for you all.  In view of the tricks played by reporters and editors employed by Mr. Rupert Murdock in the U.K.; what do you think of the odds that persons employed by him in the U.S. are any more ethical?  Personally I'd have a tough time making the argument that persons in the U.S. are more ethical than in the U.K.  Just wondering.....  Think anyone is checking the 'facts' on Fox News?  Naw, I don't either.

Had a good time in Vegas yesterday though we never did get to that bakeware!  Instead I sat around in the doctor's office longer than I would have thought possible.  Still, the doctor says my eyes are just fine.  That's a nice thing to hear!

Have a good one!


Croft said...

First off, I am really happy to hear you eyes are doing fine!

Yes, I have been wondering about the Murcock Empire as well. I do not for one moment think "ethics" would stop media like FOX News from hacking into someone's phone or computer for a story. It would just be nice if they got caught.

JoeinVegas said...

Someone showed a bit of the behind the scenes web camera stuff on Fox. I think they are probably quite a lot like the British employees.