Friday, March 09, 2012

Did I mention rain?

The other day when we had all the wind, we got a few drops of rain.  This is an un-retouched photo of our bathroom window.
I have done nothing to it but make it smaller than the original.  You are looking at a concrete block wall with some evergreens beyond it.  Yep, looks like someone has been messing with the photo but it is just a dirty window.  Now I'm glad we didn't wash the windows for our visitors!  Here's a link to the local paper.

We have lots of clean-up but it's pretty minor stuff really.  Since we have no trees, we have no branches down.  Since our cars were in the garage, we don't have to wash them.  (The local car wash was still doing a great business today.)  We do have to clean the windows but they needed it anyway.  I'm happy!  We managed an 85mph (135kph) gust of wind according to the tv news.  Impressive, I must say.  We looked out at our new spa and the cover was trying to fly away.  I put 4 concrete blocks on it to dissuade it from leaving.  Worked like a champ too.  Of course, only in Pahrump to you need to have a stock of spare concrete blocks!  Our wind-sock blew down so I put it back up.  Fifteen minutes later it was at a 45 degree angle again.  Rats!  The second time I put in a new lower clamp that we've never needed before.  So far, so good. 

One thing happened that I've never heard of before but apparently it is a result of really low air pressure in our attic.  We have a simple attic entrance that consists of a piece of plywood fitted into a square in the ceiling.  Somehow it was pulled off the opening and insulation rained down on our floor.  That's why I noticed it; there was this white crap all over the hall.  Then I looked up and saw the plywood was moved to one side.  Amazing!  Went up there and didn't see any real damage.  I should re-position some of the insulation but that is definitely something for another day. 

So, here is to some quiet days.  At least we were dealing with nature.  Friends of friends in Mexico had a bit more of a problem with humanity.  Take care folks!

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