Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quiet day

This has been a fairly quiet day.  We got up and had breakfast and watched the Malaysian Grand Prix - or at least most of it.  We record the race on our DVR and always add an extra half hour or so in case there is some delay.  Well, this time there was a huge rain delay after 8 laps so even with our extra time we lost out on the last 10 laps or so.  We hate it when this happens but it's a bunch better than watching an hour worth of commercials!  Not to mention that the race is run at about 02:00 our time.  Fernando Alonzo driving a Ferrari won much to everyone's surprise.  Way to go Fernando!

We also took a walk out in the desert.  It's been quite a while since we've done that and the poor dog was really dragging by the time we made it home.  She is as out of shape as we are.  Now that the weather is getting nicer we'll all get back to walking regularly.  After the walk I filled up the sprayer and went weed hunting.  Our 'lawn' is all rock with a few cacti planted here and there.  Unfortunately that leaves lots of room for weeds to pop up.  Last year I sprang for the $100 bottle of concentrated weed killer and used about half of it.  We don't have anywhere near the same number of weeds so far this year so I'm hoping that bottle will keep us weed free for at least three years.  I can manage $30 a year but $100 was hurting my feelings!

Copying our photographs is taking time but I think it will be worth it.  I wanted to start with something good so I started with our 1993 trip to Europe.  It was a pretty good time though my wife did get ill from her allergies about half way through the three weeks we were there.  At the time we didn't know what was up and thought it was a flu or cold.  Now we know that if she doubles up on her medication she would be fine.
Having a glass of wine on the balcony and watching the Rhine go by was NOT tough duty!  The beard sure isn't that color any more though.  Jeez, it just occurred to me that next year will be the 20th anniversary of that trip!  OMG!  Hmmm, maybe we'll have to have someone keep the dog and cat so we can make a return visit. 

We are off to have some Thai food.  The people make pretty good food but can't deal if they have more than five customers.  Gotta go early.  Have a good one!

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