Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not so regular posting.....

I've not been very regular about posting lately and I've noticed that quite a few of the blogs I follow are also becoming more irregular.  No idea why; let's blame the solar flare. 

We've been working (irregularly as well) at getting our outdoor seating area trialed.  I put up a prototype bench just to see if we thought it might work, then another prototype and now we have a good idea of what the thing will look like.  We even went out and bought a bunch of paint so that's serious intent!  These are just simple backless bench seats.  It's a  place where we can go out and admire the sunset on the mountains or the stars in the cold night sky.  This is such a lovely valley but you need to get out away from houses and lights to take full advantage of the beauty.  It is also a brutal place.  110F (43C) isn't unusual for a few weeks in the summer and 20F (-7C) is our usual low for several weeks in the winter.  Earlier this month we had wind gusts of 85 mph (135 kph).  Our furniture is being designed so we can leave it out year-round and need not worry about it. It is also designed so that if we decide we don't like it in a year, we can just get rid of it.  Minimal investment, maximum utility is our mantra.

I was reading in Glenn's blog how much he enjoyed reading "Blue Highways" by William Least Heat Moon.  He was so persuasive that I had to go rent it from the library.  My goodness, can that man write!  He convinced me I need to read the book from standing in the library reading the first sentence.  If you haven't read it, I can recommend it most highly.  The author is traveling the back-roads of America in 1978, visiting some amazing places and meeting amazing people.  Thank you Glenn!

I also must admit that this sort of travelog is one of my minor addictions.  I've even become addicted to Larry the Cable Guy's show on History channel "Only in America".  This is certainly NOT the only interesting country in the world but Larry does meet some amazing people while wandering around.  The folks he meets are a diverse group; country squirrel hunters, professional fishermen, rodeo clowns and a whole lot more.  It is presented from Larry's country boy persona but he manages to ask intelligent questions and is clearly impressed by the difficulty of people's jobs. 

I'm going to try to get back on this horse and do more posting.  I hope some of my favorite bloggers do the same.  Have a good one!

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