Thursday, March 01, 2012

Just fooling around

I haven't blogged lately because I'm not doing much of interest.  We DID get electric for the hot tub:  the two guys arrived at 08:00 and left at 19:30.  They were gone for about an hour for lunch and to return the trenching machine to the rental place.  We like this guy because he does a very professional job; including showing up on time which is unfortunately rare these days.

We've tried out the hot tub a couple of times.  We bought from a company called LA Spas; based in California but they have an outlet here.  We are very happy with it so far; the warm water is great and the jets feel pretty good on the old back too.  The owner's manual leaves a lot to be desired but... we can cope.  We aren't asking a lot from the thing so it should be ok.  No photos, sorry about that but when we are alone we keep the tub as a clothing free zone and this isn't that kind of blog!

I'm still copying old slides to the computer.  I bought a Epson V500 because it got pretty good reviews on Amazon without costing an arm and a leg; so far it's doing fine.  I've done 650 slides so far and estimate I've got a couple thousand more to copy.  All I'm doing is copying them and giving some identifiable names.  There is software that came with the machine to clean up the images but I tried it a couple times and wasn't too impressed.  Not only did it not do much of a cleanup job but it made the slow process of copying the slide even slower.  Hell, my photos aren't that special anyway!  Here's an example from 1980; see I was fascinated with shadow even then.

Today I'm building a prototype bench seat for our star viewing.  I say prototype because my wife and I have different views of what we need.  Neither of us is a good enough draftsman to convey what we want to do so a prototype is required.  Fortunately it's only a couple of boards and a few concrete blocks!  If I had to actually build something I'd need serious help.  I put wheels on a set of shelves a week or so ago and it took me two hours.  Grrr!

Gotta go.  Have a good one.

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JoeinVegas said...

Wheels on shelves? So you can ride it down to the bookstore?