Thursday, March 15, 2012

My ......

I don't know what to call this but the simple answer is 'my MG'.  It is a 1969 MG-B that I bought used in 1971.  There was a problem with the paint on the hood (bonnet) so I had the dealer re-paint it.  BIG MISTAKE; in a couple of years the paint wasn't even close to matching.  Oh well, guess I learned from that.  In this photo it has an aftermarket fiberglass top; it was ok but wore through the paint on the rear deck even though it was supposed to be mounted in such a way as to not put pressure on it.  This was when I lived in the Pacific Northwest and the additional protection from the rain and the cold was worth quite a bit!  I kept the car until 1996;  bought it in Texas, moved to Washington, moved to Orlando, back to Washington and finally sold it when we lived in New Jersey to a guy who wanted to restore it for his wife.  For much of it's life it carried my tool kit around in the trunk.  It's embarrassing how often I needed something from that kit!  I bought the RAC emblem before I had the car!  I'm that much of a nerd.

Photo copying is still in progress.  I should be done with the slides in another week or ten days.  Heaven only knows how the photo copying will go since just getting them out of the albums will be a chore!  Sent one to a friend and she responded the next day with a couple old photos of me.  Hmmm, I guess there are people in this world who are much more organized than I.  We were attending Western Washington University at the time and helping each other through Calculus.  I'll close with that.  Have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

You were (and probably still are) one cool dude back then!
Bill in Nebr.