Friday, March 30, 2012

To be tutored....

One of my favorite cartoonists is Scott Adams creator of the Far Side cartoons.  One of my favorites shows a dog yelling out the car window to the cat saying "I'm going to the vet to get tutored!"  Well, we got to take our dog to the vet today but only for her normal shots since she was 'tutored' many years ago.  Today's visit wasn't a big deal but she has some lumps on her body that we wanted the vet to see.  As we feared, the vet doesn't like the look of them at all and wants to remove them.  It was hardly a surprise, Sammie, the dog, has had cancerous tumors removed twice (2007 and 2010) and we are getting to know what it looks like.  She has four lumps that should be removed for a total cost of $800.  We haven't really decided yet but we'll probably go ahead and do it.  Watching the dog die of cancer doesn't sound like that much fun.

I made a little more progress on the seating area in the back yard.  I cut some of the support boards and moved the concrete blocks around to make them more uniform.  My wife is the official family painter so hopefully she'll get to paint a bit this weekend.  I still need to get some more wood so I guess I'll be in the queue at Home Depot tomorrow.  We still haven't figured out what kind of end tables we want; all I'm sure of is that they have to be higher than the dog's tail.  She can sweep a drink off a table with that tail of hers before you can blink!  I'd like to cast them from concrete with ceramic tiles inset but I'm not sure I have the skill. 

Last night we sat out there for an hour and a half or so just enjoying the view and the mild weather.  It was quite nice but as we sat there watching the sunset a cloud bank developed and the sky was mostly overcast by the time the sun set.  This morning dawned bright with hardly a cloud in the sky.  Odd stuff.  Now the forecast for tomorrow is for a sunny day but 25-35mph (40-55kph) breezes with higher gusts.  What's that old saw about March coming in like a lamb and going out like a lion?  Grrrr says the weather.

Here's a photo I took probably thirty years ago:  windows from a building reflected in the windows of a second building.  Have a good one!


Croft said...

We are patiently awaiting photos of the finished benches and hot tub area! It sounds pretty fancy!

Unknown said...

Seems like animal health costs are spiraling up just as fast as humans. More and more pet owners are seriously considering veterinary health insurance for just that reason.