Saturday, May 02, 2009

Lovely morning anyway!

Went to sleep last night to high winds but woke to a lovely, calm morning. Looks wonderful but there is some high cloud cover keeping it cool. Vegas tv is talking about 83F (28C) today and 98F (36C) by the end of the week. Of course, they change their estimates every day!

Dreamed of heavy rain last night; probably because people who have been here a while talk about very localized heavy rain. Two people have said that a shower of maybe a mile in diameter will dump an inch of rain but the rest of the valley will remain completely dry. Interesting image for me. In Florida we did occasionally have rain that would be on one side of the street but not the other but then the shower would move and you'd get wet too. These folks are talking like the shower just stops when it is ready rather than moving around. We'll see.

Got the bookshelves put together and a few books loaded. Only about a dozen boxes left to empty. Well, not including the boxes of photos, photo albums and loose pictures. Don't photos just multiply by themselves somehow? We couldn't possibly have taken all those photos! No wonder Kodak used to make so much money. But, you know, much as I love my digital camera I still feel the urge to get the old Nikon out of mothballs and drag some film through it. There are lots of things I haven't learned to do with the digital that I can manage with film. Still, here's a sunset that I managed with the digital camera in my new phone! Take it easy, it's dangerous out there.

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Croft said...

Don, can you give us an update on how the new cell hones are working out? It has been a couple of weeks now. My five year old phone is starting to show signs of wear.