Sunday, September 17, 2006


Have moved on to Clear Lake, Iowa. Since we left Columbia we had a wonderful family reunion on a cousin's farm. It wasn't actually fantastic but it wasn't bad and that's good. Met a couple of relatives that we actually liked! We stayed in a city park that was really nice; they were having a Fur Trapper's Meeting. We checked it out but all traps look the same to us!

This is a nice little park with wifi for $1 extra a day. Don't we love it! Next stop is the Winnebago factory; gotta see where all the Winnie's are built. We are thinking about a new RV but haven't any clue about what we want. Seeing how the things are built is at least a first step. Don't know that Winnie is even in the running but you can learn from the losers as well as the winners.

Keep on having fun!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gone - Definitely Gone

I say at the start of the blog that we like to travel as much as possible. We are doing it now! I'm writing from Columbia, MO on the way to a family reunion. Then we'll wander back to Florida stopping at a couple of RV factories in between. We like to see how they are built in case we might like to buy one some day. So there won't be much updating between now an the end of September; like anyone could tell anyway!

Have a safe rest of the month folks.