Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Quiet enough but OMG!

We are having the usual spring weather with all the usual weirdness.  It's 50F (10C)  when I get up one morning and 18F (-8C) the next.  And the wind!  Don't get me started about the wind!  But that is pretty normal stuff.  Unfortunately we are talking about elections already!

The deadline for filing for office is next Friday but already we have FIVE candidates for Sheriff including the current incumbent, two of her subordinates and two people who just think it would be fun.  County Clerk has 4 candidates:  3 Republicans and 1 with no party affiliation.  There are 3 seats on the County Commission open and 8 Republican candidates; no candidates with any other affiliation.  Well, that's the county for you:  be Republican or be gone!  It is not unusual for a Republican candidate to be unopposed in the actual election.

The really amazing thing is that the County Commission is actually going to discuss using paper ballots rather than voting machines!  I mean, really?  And the people who oversee the election are at least my age so their eyesight probably leaves something to be desired.  Besides, it's not like we have tons of illegal aliens who are going to try to vote.  They would be voting for a bunch of Republicans; does that sound likely?  To put numbers on this, in the 2020 Presidential Election IN OUR COUNTY Mr. Trump had over 17,500 votes while Mr. Biden didn't quite have 7,300.

My wife and I don't really belong in this demographic.  We are WAY too liberal but we do like the small town and the fresh air and the lack of traffic.  There are too many homeless people in town and they aren't being given much assistance but that's true in a lot of places.  It is one of the reasons we are constantly giving to the VFW Food Bank.  

Oh well.  The primary election is in the first part of June so things will quiet down for a bit prior to the general election in November.  In the mean time, I'm going to figure out which Republican is the best one for me.  Thanks for stopping by.  Keep washing those hands!

Thursday, March 03, 2022

Quiet times

We've been having pretty quiet times especially if you leave out doctors visits and wild stuff like that.  The snow that I mentioned in my last post is long gone and we had 80F (26C) yesterday!  That's a little much but so was the snow.  

Gus is being a fairly good dog.  We took him to the vet and were told that he is probably more like 8 years old than the 4 that we were told.  However he got a clean bill of health and he hasn't gained any weight in the three weeks we've had him.  He is gradually learning the few things we want him to do:  sit, stay, etc.  What he is having trouble with is 'separation anxiety'.  I had to go to Las Vegas the other day and my wife says he stayed by her and looked out the doorway much of the time.  Then she had a checkup yesterday and I got the same experience from him while she was gone.  When we are both gone we put him in a crate.  We have a little camera that we pointed at his crate and he just goes nuts when we are both gone.  He barks and scratches and tries to escape in every way.  We left him alone in the house once and he used the living room as his bathroom.  Hmmm, we didn't like that!  Anyway, when we are around he's great.  

We are taking him for rides in the truck since that is the way we do long distance travel.  He is a little crazy hopping around in the back seat.  He also wants to get into the front seat but we aren't letting him do that!  The good news is that he gets to sniff some new things!

So that's life in the fast lane!  Thanks for stopping by.  Keep washing those hands.