Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Second step!

A couple weeks ago we decided to try some of the recreationial marijuana that is newly legal (kind of) here in Nevada.  Well, we bought it a couple weeks ago.  After that we had a few things going on that kept us from actually trying the stuff.  Finally we got to a day when we thought we could try the little mint things. 

The mints contain 5mg of THC oil.  They come in a package intended to be difficult to open to deter small children and it would take a determined kid to get into it.  Sure they would eventually make it but at least the company is making an effort.  You are directed to place the mint under your tongue and let it dissolve.  That is kind of a pain but after about 15 minutes it is gone.  They say you might not feel the effect for up to two hours.  Neither of us really felt anything at all.  No high, no low, no nuthin.  Next time we are thinking of trying two of the mints.

A few days later we decided to split one of the cookies.  They contain 20 mg of THC oil.  Well, that was very different.  We both felt the effects this time but they weren't particularly wonderful.  My wife said she felt a little woozy but that she could continue with whatever she was doing.  I felt slightly dizzy so retired to go watch tv for the rest of the afternoon.  It was fine but a couple glasses of wine would have probably brought about the same desire to veg out in front of the tv.  Long story short:  it will be a long time before we have to go refill our supply if we ever do bother.  The liquor store is in no danger of losing our custom to the marijuana pharmacy.

Other than that experiment we've been staying indoors a lot.  Daytime highs are in the 105-110F range (40-43C) so the a/c doesn't get a rest.  Nighttime temps are cooler but (78F or 25C) but that is in the hour before sunrise so we don't really open the house.  We do take our morning walk and have been trying to get out between 05:30 and 06:00.  The sun gets over the mountain shortly after 06:00.  This morning was kind of a bummer.  We found a rabbit that had been hit by a car just in front of our neighbor's house.  Then we found a burrowing owl that had apparently been hit as well.  Finally, when we went out to breakfast we saw a cat that had been run over.  It was just a deadly night for the critters. 

To make my morning special I decided to deal with Vanguard Group.  We have an account that contains a couple mutual funds and they apparently want us to change to a brokerage account.  Turns out that since the account is in the name of our trust it is just a giant pain.  Fifteen minutes on the phone with a representative and it turns out that they will have to send us paperwork to sign and enclose copies of the trust paperwork.  What a stupid way of doing business.  I want the account to be secure too but we already sent them copies of the trust paperwork when we set up the account.  What idiots!  I'm tempted to tell them to close the account altogether and move the money into a company that actually wants our business.  Grrr!

I'm going to end with a photo I took while in Las Vegas a few months ago.  We were sitting at just the right table in a restaurant looking across the parking lot with a light pole in just the right place.  What should I see but the ASS Christian Church!
It is, of course, the OASIS Christian Church but I sure had to look twice!  I'm sure it is a wonderful organization and that they help many people but I got a kick out of the mistake I had made.  Thanks for stopping by.