Monday, January 03, 2022

Happy belated New Year, y'all

2022!  You know, I'm getting older by the day.  I guess compared to the alternative that is a great thing.  

We were hoping to get on a cruise starting tomorrow but that's not happening.  On New Year's morning my wife got a text saying that it was canceled.  The problem is that the cruise began in Turkey and ended in Italy.  Italy has decided that Turkey hasn't done something right and there must be 14 days between the time you leave Turkey and enter Italy.  Our cruise was too short so it had to be canceled.  Hmmmm.  I imagine we'll get another cruise set up but it could be a while.  And, of course, that all depends on if we can pass the PCR tests.  No reason to get all crazy but it is kind of a pain in the butt!

Then,yesterday, we got the news that my wife's aunt has passed away. We were just there the first week in December and she was pretty non-responsive but she did have a feeding tube and had no diseases. It was just her time I guess. In many ways it is a good thing; her husband has been tied down visiting her every couple of days and visiting a totally non-responsive person has to be terribly depressing. Now he can feel free to go visit his kids and grandkids and even great-grandkids! We'll see how that turns out.

Otherwise all we've been doing is complaining about the weather. We've been having 16F (-9C) morning with maybe 45F (7C) in the afternoon. Hey, isn't this the hot Southwestern desert? Well, at least it isn't raining. We did get a little snow on the mountains but that disappears pretty quickly.

Someone sent me this wish for flying into 2022. I think it's pretty right on!

And, BTW, 2/22/22 will be a Twosday! LOL Couldn't help myself. Here's hoping we all get a nice 2022.  Take care and keep washing those hands.