Sunday, July 17, 2022

Dull, dull, dull!

Well, the usual stuff is going on around town.  Fires, drunks, wife beatings; you know the kind of All American fun that goes on all over the country.  But otherwise, it is 80F (27C) when I get up at 06:00 and somewhere around 110F (43C) by mid-afternoon.  Frankly it slows me down quite a lot.  My wife and I like to take a walk in the morning but not when it's that warm!  We did get a few walks in a week or so ago.  It is good exercise for us old folks and it is getting Gus used to the word 'Heel'.  He doesn't know what it means and wouldn't give a darn if he did BUT the leash does keep him between us and moving on.  He is one of the most hard-headed animals in creation!  

Read an excellent post over at Sightings Over Sixty.  It is a very good blog but this week the writer talked about 'facts'.  And how they are sometimes just a bit off.  In our current political climate where there is so much miss-information it is nice to read about how some things are being miss-represented.

I have ordered various financial advisory news letters over the years so I'm on the mailing list for many, many others.  I got one the other day that started with a list they called "The Great Reset".  They expect: The END of financial and personal privacy.  The END of freedom of thought.  The END of capitalism as we know it.  The END of law and order.  The END of parental control over our own children.  The END of the freedom and justice for all that makes America mankind's last, BEST hope.

I mean, really?  I'm supposed to take financial advice from someone who sees that as our future?  Jeez!  Oh, the capitalization in that previous paragraph was all theirs.  Why don't I take financial advice from some homeless drunk in the street?  Of course in the next page we are advised that "When the Democrats are thrown out of power, it opens the door for us ordinary folks to grow 5 TIMES richer fast".  I mean I'm not President Biden's biggest supporter but I'm pretty sure that his leadership isn't as toxic or even as effective as they are making out.  

Enough of the sunny side of life.  Thanks for stopping by.  Keep washing those hands!

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

It's been a week!

Boy, does time ever fly when you are having fun!  Of course my definition of fun might be a bit off for most people.  I've found a few cartoons/memes that spoke to me.  As in this reference to what all our Supreme Court is doing.

Of course with all the shootings these days stopping gun violence is important to everyone.

And one final thought on learning about being gay.

Of course the 4th of July came along right on time.  We've had about six days now with not a cloud in the sky.  It is only running about 100F (38C) but that's warm enough.  The wind has been running 10-15mph  (15-25kph) so I got to go out and unwrap the flag a few times.  In the evening we went out and sat in the front yard and watched the fireworks from a nice distance of not quite 3 miles (4.5km).

Then there are the important personal problems we old folks get to learn about.  I had a mole removed way back in February and afterwards was told that it was cancerous and I would need to have the remaining tiny cells removed by a procedure called a Mohs surgery.  The Mayo Clinic website says this:  "Mohs surgery is a precise surgical technique used to treat skin cancer. During Mohs surgery, thin layers of cancer-containing skin are progressively removed and examined until only cancer-free tissue remains."

I got to the dermatologist's office and it was packed!  This office is only open a couple days a week and the person who is usually here to treat you is an PA-C - a physician assistant.  Today they had a surgeon fly in from the Los Angeles area and he had plenty to do!  They tell you that it will take up to 4 hours for the procedure.  My appointment was for 08:30 and I got out at 12:13.  Close enough to 4 hours.  I was glad I'd brought a book!  The actual surgery wasn't particularly painful but there was quite a lot of blood.  In the end, I have something that is a bit painful still but better than cancer.

So that's all that's fit to print from this little corner of the world.  Thanks for stopping by.  Keep washing those hands!