Monday, October 29, 2007

Still surviving!

The neighbor had their annual Halloween party on Saturday night. Wifey and I had a little party of our own earlier in the day and weren't feeling like drinking a lot or even being up late so we had to say good night about 21:30. Turns out that was a really GOOD thing since I've heard that they got rid of the last guests about 02:30. Boy, I can't even imagine how awful I'd feel if I'd stayed drinking until then. It makes me ill just thinking about it.

How about a totally different subject? SEX. You may note that I don't talk about sex much here. I'm pretty shy in person as well but I had the weirdest thing happen a few days ago and I just have to talk about it. We'd had a few drinks that day as well (3 or 4 maybe). And we decided that going in to bed and making love would be a good thing. We'd done this sort of thing before, of course, and were pretty sure that neither of us would cum after that much alcohol but wanted the closeness. (It's really great to feel that way about someone I've been with for over 25 years. It didn't last 10 with my first wife.) Anyway, we go in to bed and do our thing. After a while, it becomes obvious that we are only getting more and more tired so we stop. I got out of bed and looked back at my wife who was still lying there. Like almost all of us over 50, she's put on a few pounds (or kilos or stone or whatever) but I certainly still find her very attractive. I'm standing there with a hardon looking at my nude wife and think, maybe I could masturbate here. So I did. After just a few strokes, much to my surprise, it feels like I am going to cum after all. Now, I've never done this (standing over wifey, etc) before so I was really surprised that I might cum especially since I certainly was not going to just a couple of minutes earlier. So I did; cum, that is. Except that I didn't. What came out was perhaps a quarter cup of clear, odorless fluid. There was a lot. It shot all over my wife's thigh and part of the bed. I've never been so shocked in my life. She was pretty amazed too! I still don't know what happened. I guess it was seminal fluid without the sperm but sure don't know. I'm pretty sure it wasn't urine because a) that just isn't a time one urinates & b) it didn't smell like it. No, neither of us thought to taste it. Weird stuff anyway.

Well, there is my first, and probably last, sex post. At least until the next time. Have a good one & be careful out there.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sale's over!

We managed to live through our yard sale but only just! The first day was really hot. I was soaked with perspiration the entire day. The second day was overcast so not as hot. That helped a lot. Each day I came in and immediately fell asleep for an hour or so. Then we went to bed about 9.

We made about $300 but the real object is to reduce the number of things we will have to store or cart around with us. Looked at it in that light and the sale was quite success. We won't have to worry about - a freezer, a refridgerator, a table saw, perhaps 50 records, 3 television sets and lots of smaller items. There was a fair amount left over but we'll get to that another day. One of these days we are going to call some charity to come load up their truck!

Weather is still overcast here. There is a tropical wave coming up from the south bringing pretty much constant showers. It's different for this area but it is fine with me. Highs of 75 or so are great.

Our son lives in San Diego so we are watching the fires out there with some trepidation. They are well inside the city however so we don't expect there is any real danger. This is an amazing technology though; here I am in Florida watching the smoke billow on a webcam in San Diego. I'm still waiting for the ability to be transported around like on Startrek. That will be the day!

Have a good one and be careful out there.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yard Sale!

Our neighborhood is having a 2 day yard sale tomorrow and Friday. We have been putting things out in the garage for days so, of course, we had to work until 9 pm tonight getting last minute things done. If we can get rid of 50% of this stuff it will be fantastic. I've already emptied 4 garbage cans of trash out of the garage. We also made a trip to the hazardous waste facility with a number of items. What a thrill! We did have one thrill; we found our old Atari 400 complete with it's cassette tape drive and some game cartridges. We still talk about getting drunk one night and playing "Frogger". You try to get your frog across a busy highway. When the frog gets hit by a car it makes this noise - I can't explain it but when you are drunk it's really funny.

Naturally summer has returned for the event. It's hot & humid; don't know if we'll make it through the whole day. Setting it up we've only worked a couple of hours at a time. Fortunately we can close down whenever we want. All it means is that we'll make a few less dollars and have a larger trash bill when we get rid of the stuff.

Wish us luck. We'll be wishing to be elsewhere! And take care out there.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's a Beautiful Morning

Ah, morning! Don't know if I'm really a morning person but there is something amazing about the fresh smell of the morning.

I was afraid to say anything yesterday, it was so nice but this morning smells like fall might finally have come to Florida. Don't get me wrong, I love all the seasons. This summer has been long and hot but it is time for a change. It might be here.

We have the car out on the driveway but it's been there for a week and I still haven't washed & waxed it so we can sell it. Hmmmm, think I have a problem selling it? Yep! I've even kept myself awake worrying about it. It's just a THING but I'm having trouble selling it. What an idiot.

Still, it's a beautiful morning in Florida. Hope it's as wonderful where ever you are.