Monday, April 07, 2014

Quiet times but warming up

We have been having some quiet times but it is warming up to the point where we can sometimes have the windows open.  Really that time is limited to a couple hours in the afternoon and only if the wind isn't blowing too hard.  The wind really picks up the dust and that's bad for the sinuses as well as just dirty.  I do like hearing the outdoor sounds especially the birds.  I am also reminded that we are near two Air Force bases, a bombing range and a busy commercial airport - all within 75 miles (120km) or so.  There is a surprising amount of air traffic for so quiet a little town.  I'm also convinced that were is some sort of mountain training facility around here; there are just too many flights of military helicopters around.

I did go to Las Vegas again last week.  Just buying a few things that aren't available here (or are too expensive).  It was a nice trip.  I took this photo of the Spring Mountains north of the highway.  These would probably be at the 5-6,000 foot level (1,500-1,800m).
Once we get over the pass I make a turn and go towards Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  Apparently it is renowned as a climbing venue.  Personally I like nice flat areas, the view of a vertical section of rock does not call to me.  It is however very beautiful.
These are identified as 'bluffs'; looks like a mountain to me but I'm no geologist.  The valley is a mile or two wide at this point.  You are driving along the east side of the valley looking across at these 'bluffs' and suddenly you come to a sign that identifies this as a Nevada Scenic Highway.  What?  What about the past couple miles?  I mean the whole thing is only 12-15 miles.  But I guess Nevada Dept. of Transportation has some weird rule.  They do the same thing with bike lanes.  All of a sudden, out in the middle of nowhere you find a sign saying 'Bike Lane'.  How the hell are you supposed to get out there with the bike?  Jeez. 

Anyway, now that I've had my little rant, I finally come to the conservation area itself.  This is from the overlook; taking the loop road gets you up close to the cliffs but I wasn't really there to do the tourist thing so settled for the overlook.  The cliffs are 3-4 miles (4-6km) away from this point.
It really is quite striking and for scenery when you are just going into town for a few items it is quite lovely.  It makes the drive quite pleasant. 

That was the big trip of the month so far.  More to come later.  Thanks for stopping by.