Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall has arrived

If the folks on the tv weather reports know what they are talking about triple digit temperatures (> 37C) are over for this year. We are happy to hear that! Right now it's about 65F (18C); nice for a change. I may even have to wear long pants one of these days.

We were planning on going to the town celebration over the weekend but didn't go in the end; it was just too warm. Instead we went to Home Depot and spent a couple hundred dollars in air conditioned comfort. Mostly it was for a new ceiling fan for the bedroom. Now I have another task; install the thing. It's much larger then the existing fan so we are expecting the air circulation will improve - just in time for the cooler weather.

My pinched nerve is still bothering me even with all the drugs the doc prescribes. I'm looking forward to some physical therapy to try to speed things along. It's got to be better than filling my body with addictive drugs (almost as bad as scotch). Hmmm, if this didn't hurt it could be fun. (Just kidding!)

As you can tell, not much is going on around here. I'm ignoring all the talk about the health plan. The government 'of the people, by the people, for the people' certainly isn't going to listen to anyone who hasn't offered them something in return. Yes, I think the congress is for sale. Is there anyone who thinks differently? Has there ever been a more self-serving organization? Sure, but the days of Kings and Queens and their oligarchy is mostly long gone.

Hopefully I'll be in a better mood next time. Be careful, it's dangerous out there!

CYNIC n. A blackguard whose faulty vision causes him to see things as they are, not as they ought to be. Ambrose Bierce

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I've been right here!

Haven't posted, of course, but what else is new. We had friends visiting from last Friday until yesterday. These are really great people and we love them but we are used to being alone; having visitors in your house for five days is disconcerting.

We didn't do much: talking and eating would be the big things. Went into Vegas one day; they did sight-seeing and we visited a doctor that my wife will be seeing for her colonoscopy. Yep, we have to go over the hump for most specialists. But that's ok with us; we like the country ways of our little town.

I went to the doctor myself recently and again today to discuss the results of my tests. Turns out that I am alive; my blood seems to be circulating normally and I should live until I die. Actually, things are pretty good; there isn't anything wrong with me except this pinched nerve in my neck. Drugs will keep me semi-pain free for a while; we are hoping that some physical therapy will complete the trick. Cholesterol is a little high so I'm going to work on that - less red meat, more fiber, all that stuff. The bad news was that I have "extensive" degenerative changes in the bones in my neck apparently caused by osteoarthritis. Nothing life threatening; just something that's tough to repair. Then the doc says "Have you had your prostate exam lately?" - hmmm, next thing I know I'm bent over the table with my pants on the floor. Jeez, I sure wish she hadn't opted for those squared-off fake fingernails! (Actually she was very gentle but, yes, I could feel them!)

In better news: our town is having a big event next weekend. We haven't been here for it before but it sounds like a combination rodeo, county fair and craft show. It should be fun and I hope to have photos. Until then, be careful, it's dangerous out there!

Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others. William Allen White

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Stolen Post! But my rant....

I was over checking out one my favorite Aussies and found his post about Lizzy Miller ( She's a model but not of the stick variety. Glamour apparently ran a small picture of this gal without modifying the photo in any way. This seems to be very unusual for such magazines. It's a shame that our society makes bodily perfection a fetish. Here's another article about her:

I'm sure everyone notices that tv actors are terribly thin. I know the camera is supposed to add 10 pounds; if that is so some of those folks must be afraid of blowing away in the breeze. The magazines show dresses in size zero; what does that mean? That the thing isn't there? And why does every third woman in the western world have to have breast implants? The ones put there by nature are so much nicer. I can see tv stars wanting them and strippers but why does the housewife down the street need them? If it's to make her man happy; I guess he's just a fool and she's a dope for going along with him. There's no way I'm ever going to change this direction the world is taking but it is one of my favorite rants.

I was scheduled to go to the doctor last Friday but the doctor got sick! Going this morning instead. It's just a pinched nerve but I'm using it as an excuse to meet the doctor. I want a preview of the person who might be giving me a physical. When you are over 50 they start looking at more than your heartbeat. LOL

Have a good day but be careful, it's dangerous out there!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'm an old crock

Just lately I did something, slept wrong or lifted something, I don't know what it was but it has caused me to be in pain most of the time. It feels like a pinched nerve in my neck and causes pain in my right shoulder and arm. This kind of thing happens and usually goes away but this one has been around for a couple of weeks now so I'm off to see the doctor on Friday. I've never seen this doctor before but my wife has been to see her and the report was favorable so I'm her newest patient.

I'm a crappy patient. I don't like visiting the doctor and don't communicate very well with them. I know it's important to talk to them but I'm seldom ill and just haven't learned the technique. Later in life most of us get to spend more time with our doctors; I'm not looking forward to it!

Today being 09/09/09 has gotten a certain about of play. Las Vegas has always been known for people getting married (or divorced) here. Today the tv had a big piece on people getting married on what they consider an especially lucky day. They even had a couple from Sweden who came to town to get married. They were hoping for the nine o'clock time slot as well! Good luck to them! This being married can be tough even though the marriage I'm in now has been pretty great.

Tomorrow WE are going into Las Vegas. It's always fun to drive over the pass; on this side you go up quite steadily over about twenty miles but on the other you go down a 7% grade and then you are there. It's a good road now; some of the folks who have lived here a while remember when it was all two lane road and quite dangerous when some idiot passed you in a bad spot.

This is one of those miscellaneous trips. We'll be going all over looking for various bits and pieces. One thing that has come to the top of the list is a living room lamp. We are using a $14 special from walmart and it's kind of ugly and my wife is very tired of it. We have friends coming to visit in about a week and she wants a new lamp. Hmmm, I wonder if I could just stay in the truck? LOL Not in a hundred years!

So you see, it's quiet here in the desert. (And hot, still over 100F (38C) most days.) Have a good one and be careful, it's dangerous out there.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Gone but not forgotten

Now Ted Kennedy's autobiography is leaking out. He talks about the Chappaquiddick accident. "Ted Kennedy went to his grave a haunted man for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne in the 1969 Chappaquiddick car crash that many believe shattered Kennedy's presidential dreams."

"That night on Chappaquiddick Island ended in a horrible tragedy that haunts me every day of my life," Kennedy wrote in "True Compass," his much anticipated memoir, published by Twelve.

Gee, leaving someone to die may have shattered his dream. Wonder what it did for her dreams?

Read more:"

Even G. W. Bush our late Prez and, in his youth, a well know substance abuser didn't even have something like that to remember. And yet the people of Massachusetts kept returning Mr. Kennedy to office. It sure makes one wonder about our method of selecting our representatives. I don't see how there was simply never a better candidate. But having bags of money and heaven know how many people beholden to him (remember that thing about money?) might have had something to do with it. I will say that I find the thought of him being in the Senate much more comforting than him being President!

Oh, and as a good Catholic, one wonders where Mr. Kennedy thinks he is going to end up. It was always my opinion that Our Lord God had particular feeling about killing other people (You shall not murder.) but he didn't really say anything about leaving someone to die in a car under water so maybe Ted's ok. And did I mention that having someone who just walked away from an accident to let someone die bothers me? Hmmm, maybe I forgot that part. I imagine the priests will be praying for his soul as fervently as they would for a poor man. Yeah, right! Here's a much more literate idea about his situation.

In other news, 10 weeks after his death, Michael Jackson is laid to rest. I don't follow these things but I can't help but wonder what took so long. I thought that the autopsy's have been over for time. Was there a disagreement about where to put him? Wouldn't the cemetery accept him? Did they have something against child molesters? Hmmm, curious people don't really give a damn. I'm just glad they are both dead.

Be careful, those two assholes are gone but it's still dangerous out there!

Blog Advertisement

Ok, I'm addicted to reading blogs. I won't bore you with a list of ALL of them but here are my special ones.

I like this woman even though I don't always agree with her. This entry though is special. She's the Lawyer and a mom.

I love reading about Nick and Miss Terry traveling the US. They write and publish a newsletter that I keep thinking I'll order but... you know me, procrastination personified!

One of the most interesting people I've come across is Lee from Australia. Not only is he a smart guy, he comes across the darnedest oddities to share with us all. He recently started a new job so isn't blogging as much as he used to do but it's still a great read.

A long time blogger named Wombat is also on my must read list. He is another Aussie but lives on Florida's West Coast and drives a limo.

I manage our investment portfolio so look at a few sites for advice. The only blog I read consistently is Random Roger out of Arizona. He seems like a pretty smart guy and I like his approach: it starts with spend less than you make and then invest it prudently. It's defining 'prudently' that's the tough part!

I read Charmaine about Middle Aged Dating; it's kind of like a soap opera. Trashy but I can't stop reading! Sorry Charmaine, it's not YOU that are trashy, it's the guys you date.

Lost and Found in India is different. People seem crazy about this woman; I understand about 10% of what she talks about but you can't say it's boring.

Life at Willow Manor is kind of different. She kind of reminds me of my ex-wife; the better parts of my ex! She would have had tea in a specially made cup.

To move on to RV blogs - I keep track of Ron and Terry at HitchItch. They have a fantastic site listing all sorts of RV blogs and reading about their personal travels is fun.

Then there is my buddy Croft. This poor Canadian seems to wish he was born on the other side of the country, i.e. Mexico. Spends as much time the as he can in his Class C being a part-time Mexican. Whatever works for him!.

Then there is Brian the boondocker. He thought he was taking off to be a full timer- boondocker kind of guy and the whole economy kind of fell down around his ears. He's still struggling with it though and I'm thinking he'll be off with Heidi on the back of his bike one of these days.

Hate to admit it but we are getting near the end. Mac and Chris are a couple of crazy people who enjoy traveling this great country and gambling every inch of the way. What the hell, it works for them. And I love reading about their adventures.

Here's a couple who I found because they were back-packing around Europe. Ok, I did it too when I was twenty but... I want to rv around there now. But these folks seemed to have a great time and, like them, we love the history of an area. They seem to have given up their blog since they returned home; too bad, it was a great read.

I love reading the adventures of this young woman who is adventuring around Canada. Sometimes she work-camps (which is working part of your week in exchange for your camping space) and sometimes she is just wandering. It's interesting either way.

There are many, many other blogs I visit occasionally but I'll end this list with an RV campground owner. Kathy has the most amazing adventures. Sometimes she is funny; sometimes it's scary but it always makes me want to come back and visit her again.

Ok - there's my list. There are lots more blogs that I visit but these are the ones who keep me going. Some I comment on; some I don't. That's reading blogs; sometimes there just isn't anything to add.

Hope you are having fun. But be careful, it's dangerous out there!

Friday, September 04, 2009

RANT Alert! Read at your peril.

I'm a quiet kind of guy. I don't talk a lot; most conversations with me are about 20% me and 80% you. Often I have trouble choosing the exact word I want. I was taught not to interrupt others; not many people were taught that or if they were they don't remember the lesson. They also were not taught how to listen; they are thinking about their next speech instead of listening to whoever is speaking.

I don't really care to speak in public though I can and have. Once of my ex-bosses suggested I should become a member of Toastmaster's and I enjoyed that. It was a great experience; you think out what you are going to say and the audience actually listens. One of the things I like about blogging it that it is written. I have the opportunity to say something, something I've thought out, without the interruptions of others. Of course, not many people READ this blog but that's ok. LOL, I'm an acquired taste!

There are problems in this country that aren't being addressed and I'm getting tired of it. Here, in no particular order are some of the problems I'd like to see addressed. Let me know if I've missed your favorite; maybe I forgot it or maybe I don't care but if you don't yell, we won't know.

1. Institute term limits for members of Congress. Like 2 terms max.
2. Get rid of the special Congressional retirement program.
3. Pay our members of Congress more; nothing over the top but well. They have a hell of a responsibility and deserve compensation; particularly if they are only going to be there for a short time.
4. Overhaul our legal system removing about 90% of the laws. Right now if you kill a cop, it's one law; if you kill a kid, it's a different law; if you kill a pregnant woman, it's another law. This isn't rocket science; kill someone and you get punished. Judges get paid to differentiate between levels of awfulness.
5. Get rid of the civil crime vs criminal crime. I personally think O. J. Simpson had something to do with his wife's death but at the criminal trial he was found innocent. I think it's a travesty that he was then chased through the civil courts and ordered to pay restitution to anyone. (Glad to see that the jerk managed to find his way into jail anyway!)
6. Stop the automatic granting of citizenship to children who are born here of parents who are not from this country. If you want to move here, fine, do so. But if you are going to be here; be here. Become citizens; pay taxes; learn English; become Americans as so many immigrents have done before you. You, too, will make this a better and stronger country. Don't pretend you are still in your home country; you aren't. If you don't like the rules here, leave.
7. The whole issue of health care is fouled up. I expect it to get worse before it gets better. Small businesses cannot afford to insure their workers; large businesses cannot afford to insure their many retirees; states cannot afford to foot the bill; the federal government cannot at this level of taxation. One problem that no one talks about is that none of us gets out of this thing called life alive. We have created an environment where extreme measures are taken to keep someone alive who is going to die anyway. I have personal experience with a woman who was in extreme pain whose doctor wanted to give her iron injections to keep her alive a while longer. Why!
8. Make most drug use legal. If you are high on something that costs $5 at Walmart you probably won't have to become a criminal to support your habit. Not to mention the fact that the country wouldn't have to support the thousands or even millions of people who are living in jail because of this foolishness. And if someone overdoses, let them die.
9. Change the way lawyers are paid. Make it an hourly wage that's reasonable. And make documents shorter; like a will that's over 5 pages is way too detailed. We have a Trust document that is somewhere around 100 pages and it's not like we are the Rockefeller's! This isn't rocket science either; when I die I would like various things to happen. How tough is that?
10. Executive pay in this country is totally stupid. The asshole at the top basically does nothing special so he/she should get maybe 20 times someone working in the factory/office/field. No more. The closed club of "Board Members" is doing nothing for the ordinary stock holder or the company. Nine out of ten companies could dump their CEO and promote someone from about 5 management layers lower and would do better the next year. Oh, and the head of every company doesn't have to be a CEO - our local electric utility just renamed the General Manager to CEO - what a joke! He's the same dumbass managing the same nitwits but NOW he's a CHIEF EXECUTIVE!

Please note that this post is basically a rant. I'm sorry about the rant. I'm not suggesting many fixes for these problems. I'm just tired of all the politically correct crap that we call 'discussing the problems' in this country that actually ignores the problems.

Have a good day and be careful, it is VERY dangerous out there!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Just another day in ......

Pahrump! Got up and walked early before the sun warmed the world. Showered then went to the casino for breakfast. It's as good as anywhere and is cheaper. Then each of us got our $5 and started playing video poker. It took about 10 minutes for my wife to lose her stake; I still had $2.75 but the deal is that we quit when one has lost (or if one gains!).

Got the title for the truck from Ford Credit the other day. We only took out the loan because they gave us an extra $1000 off; paid them three monthly payments and paid it off. Went up the the DMV and got the lien taken off the title so now it's all ours and we have proof. (Or will when the DMV gets around to sending it to us.) It took at least 45 minutes for those lazy clowns to get to us. They have four people working but only two seem to do anything at the same time. Then there are three others who wander around between the offices but don't actually help people. What a cluster f*&k.

We go back and forth between getting smoke from the fires down by Los Angeles and getting clear air. Mornings are clearer; evenings are smoky. The moon last night was an amazing orange even when it was quite high in the sky. Sure hope the fires are brought under control soon; two firefighters have been killed already.

Gotta go bbq a salmon. It's not like up in the NW because this is an Atlantic salmon probably raised in Chile but it's not all that bad!

Take it easy. It's dangerous out there!