Friday, December 22, 2017

OMG another month!

Well, obviously this old guy is living life in the fast lane.  LOL  Maybe not!  Actually it's pretty quiet around here.  Just doing our usual computer fun; reading; going out for lunch and shopping.  Not much. 

This week was kind of different.  Monday was filled with shopping.  First the grocery store for the VFW Food Bank then Walmart for Toys for Tots.  Yeah, we probably could have done it earlier but this was the time we managed it.  Trying to get my wife into Walmart is a job in itself.  We were there one time 3 or 4 years ago and some old dirtbag sneezed on her; she caught a cold and hasn't wanted to go back since! 

Shopping for the vets was actually 'laugh of the week'.  We were checking out and I was using a debit card that I don't usually use.  I used the wrong PIN and immediately realized what I had done and said something about it.  My wife immediately said (fondly) "You old codger!"  The woman checking us out about fell on the floor laughing!  She said something like "You are just like my husband!"  Hmmm, should I be insulted?  I'm not sure.  

Tuesday was doing some cleaning around the house - I mean stuff that we don't ordinarily do.  Wednesday we washed both the car and the truck.  It doesn't sound like much but, hell, we have to get the ladder out to clean the truck!  My wife spent at least an hour cleaning bugs off the front of both vehicles.  Nasty.  Maybe we should do it more than once a year? 

Yesterday was one of those pleasure and pain days.  Wifie went for a spa day with our daughter in Vegas.  The daughter just got passed over for a job she wanted so there was some healing needed.  Hopefully it made her feel better.  I wandered around shopping for a few trivial things (mostly wine) before meeting them for a late lunch.  See how tough the week as been?  Yeah, boring!

We did seind out a few Christmas cards.  Yep, actual physical cards.  Of course it is mostly to older relatives but I do have a couple friends who are almost my age so they get them as well.  You can never tell about these 'old codgers'.  Anyway, we wanted to do a photo of us next to our tree.  I had to skip over this one where I am too close to fondling myself!
The tree is actually  old enough to vote!  We bought it in the Netherlands 19 years ago.  The tree skirt is something my wife's sister made even earlier.  The ornaments are all over the place.  Some are things the kids made when they were little; some are from my wife's mother; a few we bought.  Funny how the whole tree is full of memories. 

Merry Christmas to all.  Let's hope for a wonderful and peaceful 2018.  Thanks for stopping by.