Sunday, August 28, 2005

Another miss!

Probably everyone on the planet knows about Katrina; we here in Tampa Bay are all hoping that New Orleans isn't hit too hard though it looks bad as I write this. We aren't half way through Hurricane Season yet; sure wish the rest of them would stay out in the ocean!

Highlight of my week was going to my mother's Care Plan meeting. She was diagnosed with Dementia in 1996 shortly after I got her to move out of her house. (I am an only child so get to do all this fun stuff.) At first she could live in an Assisted Living situation; since 1999 she has been in a nursing home. Now she is totally incontinent; cannot walk; cannot eat normal food; hasn't spoken in perhaps 3 years. She is in a great nursing home; one of the top 5 in Florida. Every 3 months we (my wife and I) meet with the staff that work with mom to review the changes in her condition.

Unfortunately, there isn't a lot to say. She is physically very healthy; her quality of life does seem to leave something to be desired. We have chosen to have pain killing drugs administered to her so that she isn't in pain. We have chosen not to allow the insertion of a feeding tube should she ever stop eating. But nothing is happening with her except an incredibly gradual decline. This quarter she lost 3 pounds. That's it. She weighs 135. Every quarter it seems she is sleeping a little more; paying less attention to the various activities.

On my previous visit I went into one of the activities. There was a man playing an electronic piano with about 20 patients surrounding him in two arcing rows. Perhaps 3 of the people were awake and paying attention. Mom was sleeping in the back row. I got a chair and sat next to her. I touched her hand then rubbed her shoulder; there was no reaction to either touch. She just kept on sleeping.

If I didn't already think the President was an idiot; his position on stem cell research would have convinced me. Diseases like Dementia cost this nation BILLIONS of dollars plus the human costs: the people affected would almost certainly rather be dead; the families are caught in limbo dealing with the ill. We must do something to help these people and those of us who are going to contract these diseases as we age.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Tagged - But the questions aren't too tough!

OMG I've been tagged! Cinn got me!

1. What is the ratio of boxers to briefs currently in your possession? (Translated from the fancy pants to grannie pants that was for ladies.)

Mmmm, (embarrassed look) well, when I was wearing wool suits all the time I was a boxer guy. Now that I'm all retired & wear shorts, I usually don't wear underwear but I have a couple pair of kind of speedo things to wear when I really must (like if I'm buying clothes!).

2. Pretend you won one of those "make your dream come true" deals that Oprah is always giving away... what would you ask for?

A travel pass for two to go anywhere & do anything and always 1st class!

3. Describe your high school days in one word.


4. If you could shag any celebrity in the world, who would be your top three picks?

Do I know three? Hmmm...

Catherine Zeta-Jones - She is just too lovely. Don't have any idea what she is like in real life but at a skin-deep level she is very beautiful.

Cybill Shepherd - World famous model then movie & tv star. So I'm shallow; she's beautiful but I've got to say that her career ups and downs have been pretty amazing too.

If I can go back in time a bit: Elizabeth Taylor. No, not now that she is old and sick, but sometime in the late 1960's would be just fine!

5. If you had all the money in the world... more than you could ever spend in four lifetimes... would you eat some??

Huh? Mind if I quote from Cinn's answer? "Eat money? Actual US currency? There's less germs if I licked a public toilet seat."

Of course, I'd certainly spend a bunch on food. First would be one hell of an annual donation to feed people both in this country and overseas. And I'd follow them around being sure the money went for food for people too! Then I'd work on checking out truly fine chefs (and fine sommeliers!) all over the world.

6. Tag Three People...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Yet more dull!

We have just been working on the house a little and dealing with our mothers. Now that is dull! It is so hot & humid that I can only work outside for a couple of hours a day. It severely reduces the amount one can accomplish. Not to mention that I'm lazy to start with!

The MIL is back in the hospital again so we visit every day or two. She has been having a lot of back pain so they are testing the heck out of her. Now they are talking about some sort of back cement that holds the spine in one position. It's non-surgical and give immediate relief if it works. If it doesn't; well, I don't know! We need to talk to the doctors a bit more.

Just finished Freakonomics - good book. The guy has some different ideas but he is looking at things from a new perspective and I like that. He comes up with things like making abortion available has reduced the incidence of crime because the unwanted & unloved children who might have been born weren't so they aren't around to commit crimes. Would love to know how that theory lasts over the years!

Gotta go.