Monday, July 21, 2008

Jeez, time flies, etc.

Wow! Guess I've been slow about updating my blog. Sorry!

Things are going along just fine except that we are going somewhat more than slightly crazy. The house appraised at more than the selling price but it really had to; it would have killed the sale otherwise. Then we had a wood destroying organism inspection. Fortunately we knew it was coming and I'd noticed some dry rot on the garage door. So we spent the odd $1000 on a new door. Just had to do it.

Last week we went up and got our trailer. We took the time to clean it from roof to wheels since you can't do that kind of cleaning in most parks. The interior is awful but it looks good outside! Anyway then we brought it down to a park in the area. We plan to move into it after the house is sold. We have a few things to do around town so it's nice to have a place to stay that isn't a hotel. I haven't even been over to check on it again because we parked it on Thursday and haven't stopped moving since. Friday and Saturday we had a garage sale. Now remember that the object was to get rid of things so in that regard we were successful. Making money wasn't much of a success but who cares. For example, we sold a bunch of lawn tools (shovels, rakes, etc) for $1 each. Considering that they are $15 to $25 each at the store, a slightly used tool for a buck sounds good to me. It did to others as well! LOL

Saturday was our daughter's birthday (still under 40!) but we couldn't really celebrate but she did come over yesterday & we had a nice time. Nice enough that she decided to stay over even though that meant sleeping on the floor since we sold the guest bed. She left this morning with a box full of pots & pans. We are scheduling last payments for utilities, changing mailing addresses, ordering a dumpster; all the fun stuff.

Hopefully, I'll be posting again early next week. I'll either be using the old laptop (Sony Vaio from 2001) or I'll have a new one. The Apple iMac G5(from 2005) has died. The troubleshooting part of their website says the logic board needs to be replaced. That company has such a wonderful operating system and such shitty hardware. It's just a shame.

Go forth and prosper folks! And be careful out there.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

This should be a good day. A combination of traditional and non: the traditional is a bbq at the neighbor's; the non is that we will have the VA appraiser looking at our house today for the prospective buyer. It's gotta be done but I admit to amazement that someone is coming out to do it on the holiday.

Yesterday we signed a contract to store our furniture with a moving company. We'll be paying them somewhere between $250 and $300 a month to keep our things safe, dry and cool. We opted for air conditioned storage hoping that the furniture will survive in better condition. What a deal!

Have a Happy 4th of July!