Monday, September 27, 2021

And I thought last month was bad!

 Jeez, now I'm getting down to 1 post a month.  Well, what can I say?  We've been doing pretty good about taking our morning walks.  We have 3 different walks:  a 1 mile, a 1.5 miles and a 2.5 miles.  We've been going on one of the longer walks pretty consistantly for the last month or so; it often depends on the temperature outside.  When it is 75F (24C) and the sun is just rising you just don't want to head out on an hour's walk.  It will be 85F (29C) by the time you get home.  

A week or so ago we had a nice rainbow over the mountains in the west.  We didn't have any rain but maybe they got some over in California. 

When the moon was full I had to take a photo of it just before it went down.  This is looking off to the west as well.

However, we do get some polution and this morning it was BAD!  Here's a shot of that same area.

It's just nasty!  It doesn't smell bad but the mountains are all just hidden away.  

We live in an area where each home has it's own water well and septic system.  I looked out in the back yard the other night and saw a small lake where there isn't supposed to be one!

I went out and discovered that the pipe leading from the well towards the house had a crack in it.  Happily there was a shutoff valve handy so I was able to stop the flow of water.  Of course that meant that we had no water.  Happily it was only out for a day but that's a long time for no dish washing, no cleaning up, no toilet.  Hmmm, now I'm thinking of emergency supplies!

Anyway, that's the news from this area.  Hope things are going well wherever you might be.  Keep washing those hands!