Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Done Deal

We went back to Vegas yesterday to check out the 08 Ford and ended up buying it. I think the critical moment was on the test drive when I was on a steeply uphill freeway entrance. I stepped on the accelerator, not all the way to the floor but most of the way(unusual for me), and the truck really responded. We just didn't feel that kind of response in the Chevy. Plus the personnel at the dealership actually acted like human beings. The fat kid salesperson was late, overslept I would guess, but another guy took us on the test drive and the kid did apologize nicely once he got there. (Oops, forgot to mention, it's a diesel!)

The discussions about price were acceptable. I'm sure we could have argued another few hundred dollars out of them but we just don't care. Hell, even car dealers have to eat. We got what we think is a heck of a truck for well below the cost of anything similar. Yes, it is an 08 but since we have kept our last four vehicles between nine and fifteen years... maybe it's not that important!

We are having some modifications done so we don't have the truck yet. (I was so shook up that I didn't even take a cell phone photo of the thing!) The biggest thing, and the dealer is giving it to us, is the upholstery is being replaced with leather. My wife was fixated on leather because the animal hair just brushes off. They have a couple other things to do so pics have to wait until late next week.

Today is Mother's Day in the U.S. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Our daughter is coming over from Vegas. She's been gone all week on a business trip but wouldn't miss the big day. My wife and I consider it another Hallmark-holiday (created by and for the greeting card industry) but she's the sentimentalist and has to show up complete with sappy card. At least it's not totally bogus like Personal Assistant Appreciation Day.

Gotta go. I feel myself climbing onto a soapbox! But before I go, here's a photo of the cat being his normal maniac self (yeah, sure!). I was sure hoping he'd fall off the edge but he's way smarter than that!

Take it easy, it's dangerous out there!


Charmaine said...

Congratulations on the truck. And your daughter sounds like a jewel.

Don said...

Thanks; we think she's turned out pretty well. It was a bit of a rocky road but ....

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Your new car purchase was not a misadventure. Hooray.

I can tell your cat is gazing at the view. Sniff. I'm so jealous.