Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Something Completely Different

Had a good day today and got to drive on a bit of "new road". A little way from our town is a signpost pointing to Tacopa, CA. We've never been there so we put the dog in the backseat of the truck and hit the road. Am I glad we did! I'm also EXTREMELY glad we didn't take the trailer! The road from Nevada Route 160 to Tacopa was narrow and gently going up and down for about 95% of the time but that 5% was extremely twisty. I'm talking hairpin turns here and maybe a 10% grade.

At any rate, we made it over and found a area that gives you a new definition of desolate. The is a hot springs in Tacopa and a little resort built around them . There isn't a lot more. Maybe there are a bunch of snowbirds (rv'ers escaping the snow up north) who keep the place alive but in the heat of May, there ain't much there! The town even has a web site but it's a quiet place for sure.

We also visited the China Date Ranch. That's another amazing road! Single lane gravel road with a steep grade - remember it's just a family ranch. But the place itself is really ok. They grow dates and sell almost anything made from dates: bread; cookies; a milk shake. Whatever turns you on. They are also doing a good job growing (and hopefully selling) cacti. Had a nice little garden going. There are places you can hike; lots of abandoned mines and some nice rock formations.

After Tacopa we headed for the fleshpots of Shoshone, CA. (six miles away). They at least have a gas station, if they have one in Tacopa we missed it. Regular was $3.39 a gallon - vs $2.29 here in Nevada. I'm sure part of the difference is California taxes but some is just shipping the stuff out there. I couldn't find a website for Shoshone so you'll have to take my word on the features. There is a motel, two cafes, a general store (sells gas too), and a post office. I know there is more to the town but you kind of have to look and today just wasn't the day for that. There is also a small but interesting museum that we visited on an earlier visit.

So, if you want to see someplace completely different; I'd recommend Tacopa and Shoshone. Visiting gives you a new respect for those folks who settled the West.

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Lawyer Mom said...

Don, the "fleshpots" of Shoshone? This must be a Nevadan term for a few crazy California outposts. I'm picturing a sort of mini-Amsterdam . . .