Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nothing Doing or is that Doing Nothing

Spent the morning and a good part of the afternoon surfing blogs. Came across a couple who built their own truck camper. Holly and Ryan built their own truck camper. (Building your own rv is something that fascinates me though I can't see me ever actually doing anything like that!) Anyway, after reading a bunch of that I figured out that they/she have more blogs and I spent a LOT more time reading about their real estate adventures in Nicaragua. They sound like an amazing young couple. They make living in Nicaragua with bats in the roof, guano here and there, bugs and all the rest sound fun. Hmmm, as if I needed more evidence of aging!

She has something kind of cool for comments. It's called Blipback. You click on the buttons a few times and it captures your camera & mic so you can leave a video comment. Amazing technology! NOW if it has taken over my computer I'm going to have to go down to Nicaragua and kill somebody! Hopefully, it doesn't spawn too many bugs. If I disappear for a while, you'll know it did! I must say that it was kind of fun leaving a video comment but to myself I sure sounded lame. Well, lame and stupid since it took about four tries to get the thing to record. In one of the photos she was using an Apple so maybe it is easier to use for those folks.

Smooth segueway goes here - new topic below!

Went to the store today and bought some ground pork. It says it is 4% fat - a leaner alternative to ground beef! Would you ever have thought you'd see the day? Speaking of amazing things, I have trouble imagining that people are actually eating ground turkey. I've prepared too many turkeys to consider eating it until there are a few standards in place. When they start putting the exact contents on the label (including fat content, what parts of the bird were used, etc.) I might consider it but until then - NFW.

Like I always say, be careful, it's dangerous out there (someone might offer you a turkey burger!).

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Lawyer Mom said...

I'll have to go check out the Nicaraguan blog. It sounds interesting. But I won't be leaving a video comment, that's for sure.

Happy Memorial Day.