Sunday, May 10, 2009

One more thing!

I was reading Nick's Blog the other day and he talked about the importance of enjoying the life you live rather than just struggling along in a rut because that's what you've always done. We were coming back from Vegas yesterday and saw an accident. It was a pickup with travel trailer and a couple of cars that had obviously had something pretty serious happen. It was sobering for us since that's the kind of rig we have. We have an idea how fast things can happen when you are towing four or five tons of stuff behind you. But the real point is that Nick was right: live for today! Tomorrow may never come and yesterday is gone. Saving for tomorrow is important but not at the expense of living today.

Be careful, it's still dangerous out there.


Ron Melancon said...

When you get a moment please go to

Many accidents have happend due to "Passenger Cars That tow Trailers" You are right about what you say... live for today....

The issue is when someone in front of you is towing a trailer and does not connect the Safety Chains, Put the
Pin in the hole, makes sure the trailer is not overloaded.... inspects, maintains and ensures that the lights work... then how can you enjoy live when since 1976 over 14,810 people have been killed... since 1988 449,000 have been injred and Since 1988 over 1,500,000 things have been damaged.

Can you find out what happend?

Ron Melancon said...

Sorry I Spelled Life wrong!!!

Here is what I am talking about...
This just happend..

No Charges In Fatal North Strabane Trailer Crash
Woman Died, Child Survives With Injuries

POSTED: 5:21 pm EDT May 6, 2009
UPDATED: 5:37 pm EDT May 6, 2009
[NEWSVINE: No Charges In Fatal North Strabane Trailer Crash] [DELICIOUS: No Charges In Fatal North Strabane Trailer Crash] [DIGG: No Charges In Fatal North Strabane Trailer Crash] [FACEBOOK: No Charges In Fatal North Strabane Trailer Crash] [REDDIT: No Charges In Fatal North Strabane Trailer Crash] [RSS] [PRINT: No Charges In Fatal North Strabane Trailer Crash] [EMAIL: No Charges In Fatal North Strabane Trailer Crash]
WASHINGTON, Pa. -- No charges will be filed against a pickup truck driver who lost his trailer, which broke free on Route 19 and killed a woman when it went through her car's windshield.

The force of the trailer's impact peeled back the roof of Michelle Kott's car on Dec. 15 in North Strabane Township, Washington County.

Kott was killed in the crash, while her friend, Brandi Curtis, and Curtis' 5-year-old daughter were seriously injured.
Related Story: Survivor Describes Crash, Faces Emotional, Physical Pain

"After carefully reviewing the case with the North Strabane Police Department and the (state police) accident reconstruction team, the office of the district attorney does not believe that the facts support criminal culpability required for negligent homicide," said a statement from District Attorney Steven Toprani. "Specifically, it was determined that there was no evidence indicating gross negligence on the part of the truck and trailer operator, a necessary prerequisite element for criminal charges."

A police report states that the pickup driver, Ryan Bier, 18, told North Strabane investigators that "he felt the trailer pulling hard on the truck and heard a loud pop."

Brandi Curtis

The report also said Bier told police that the wind moved the trailer from side to side, then, "A large gust of wind came across Route 19 and picked the trailer off of the roadway and tossed it into the oncoming traffic."

The driver's twin brother and passenger, Justin, also told police of a "yank" on the truck and a "loud pop" and said that "a large gust of wind pulled the trailer off of the roadway and (it) crashed into the car," according to the police report.

Ryan Bier told investigators that before the accident, he personally made sure the trailer was secure and that he attached the trailer onto the truck's ball hitch, closed the clamp and put a pin through to lock the clamp.

Ryan Bier also said he crossed the safety chains twice, attaching them to the truck bumper. He said his brother then jumped up and down on the trailer to check the connection and that the trailer was secure.

My Responce with my Expert...

Here is a responce from an industry expert..... I think the guy pulling the trailer got lucky. No gust of wind should have separated that trailer unless the coupler wasn't adjusted properly. Old style coupler have an adjustment so that you can tighten them up as they wear but nobody knows to do it. Looks like this trailer could have seen some wear in it's time. Not even the people that investigate these accidents know what they are looking for. There is a way to hook the old fashioned coupler, latch it and put the pin in and it still not be hooked up. Just like this one, when that happens the poor innocent person that was killed gets screw...d. Every time the person shows that the pin was in they are deemed innocent. Truth is the part of the coupler that is supposed to hold the bottom of the ball, actually gets pushed up on top of the ball. The coupler will latch and appear hooked, when really it is just waiting on the first bump in the road or gust of wind to separate it from the tow vehicle. Any experienced tow person knows to check this before towing the trailer. He says that they checked it by jumping up and down on it. The only way you could do that would be if the guy jumped up and down on the rear of the trailer and weighed in at about 300lbs minimum. The only way you can check to make sure you have a good connection is to jack the trailer up as high as possible while attached. You need to lift the rear end of the tow vehicle up with the jack while the trailer is attached. If it stays on then, it should stay on. I can't believe that was an accepted test (jumping up and down on the trailer.

May. 9, 2009 7:28pm EDT | from RonMelancon
Would someone ask the Allegheny County District Attorney what would have happend it this accident happend in his County? Ask Stephen Zapalla why did Mr. Demitras went to jail but in this case nobody is going...

Tess Kincaid said...

Yes! Carpe Diem.