Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well, excuse my language but I came across this little gem in my travels: in some Texas counties there are outstanding arrest warrants for more than 10% of the population! Here's a link to a state senator's comments.

What is the deal? I just DO NOT understand. Of course the fact that governments are expecting the police department to be a revenue source is the root of the problem. The cops have a really tough job in the first place but to make them "earn their keep" this way has to be counterproductive. Imagine what would happen if they actually executed the warrants on say, another 5% of the population. Dallas County has something like 2.5 million people. So you arrest 125,000 people? How? You'd need to call out the Army. There is something really wrong with this picture.

The same thing is happening even here in Pahrump if we can believe this guy complaining to the newspaper. He claims 50 tickets were written in the same general area over several days. Well, this is the same guy who claims to have driven 170,000 miles(275000 km) a year as a delivery driver. Hmmm, there are about 2000 working hours in a year so he was doing 85mph (135km) every hour he worked? I doubt it, even in California! LOL I suspect inflation in his story; verbal inflation that is.

So what's my advice? Well, I don't have any but the obvious: don't get ticketed. Duh. But if you do, you've gotta work with the system to pay your tickets. Because otherwise, you are on a downhill slide that won't be pleasant. Meanwhile, we need to change the system. Having $300 tickets for going a few miles over the limit is over the limit itself. Having 10% of the population with outstanding warrants is some kind of awful indictment of our society. Don'tcha think?

Have a good one, it's dangerous out there!

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