Friday, May 08, 2009

The Local's Turn

After checking out the Fords in Vegas we decided we needed to check out the local Chevy-GMC dealer. Of course they had absolutely nothing along with the worse salesman I've ever met. The guy didn't even know the product line. GMC's have an SL package and an SLT package that is a little nicer. Chevy has an LT1 and an LT3. This guy kept getting them confused. This only aggravated the fact that they didn't HAVE either of the upgraded vehicles. So we spent some time standing out in the 95 degree sun (35C) looking at trucks we wouldn't buy.

Finally we went in and the salesman gets us to sit at his desk (way off in a corner) while he goes and talks to the only person in the place who can use their computer. Eventually we figured this out and went over and talked to the computer guy ourselves. After a tremendous amount of effort he manages to find two, count them two, trucks that have most of what we want. The big problem seems to be that we want both front seats to have power controls. Most of the trucks they have have a power drivers seat but only these two have a power passenger seat. (That's not quite true, we don't want a 4 wheel drive and maybe they have some of those with a power passenger seat; don't know.)

Anyway, we spend two hours at this dealership talking to the idiot and the almost-an-idiot. They have a storage lot in Vegas where these scarce vehicles are kept so they are bringing one of them over here today. We are to see it this afternoon. Damn, it's hard to try an do business with people in this small town. I was ready to walk out just trying to get that idiot salesman to listen to what we wanted. We'll see today if the computer guy actually found something or not.

A Lawyer Mom suggested that I might check out It sounds like an interesting approach to buying a car. At least I wouldn't have had to meet the idiot! If what we are doing falls through I may be a fightingchance customer before long.

Take it easy, it's dangerous out there.


Lawyer Mom said...

Don, I'm so far down on the car-learning curve that I assume everyone else is, too.

But . . . just in case, I'll add (as I'm sure you already know)that under no circumstances should you give them the keys to your car. You know, to appraise it. Because then you'll be held captive, indefinitely.

Give "fightingchance" a fighting chance. That fellow saved me a lot of time and a lot of second-guessing.

Don said...

Thanks for the advice LawyerMom but I'm afraid I ignored it. I did let them "appraise" our truck. It was trivial to say the least - after all a 9 year old vehicle isn't going to be on their lot! I went out to the truck to watch the salesman do it too. Honestly, I did that mostly because we carry a .38 in the truck and I'd forgotten to lock the compartment. However, I don't think it did anything for his composure.

They asked for my SSAN and I almost went across the desk for the salesman's neck - I'm still wasn't interested in talking price so they had need to be checking my credit. Not to mention that since I may pay cash for the damn thing they have no reason to check my credit anyway. Fortunately, my wife is capable of talking calmly while I am foaming at the mouth. She explained calmly that we have another vehicle in mind and we just wanted to know what their best price would be.

Having said that the truck was pretty nice. It rides well, has a lovely transmission, dual a/c controls, lots of room in the back seat, etc. We need to drive the Ford in Vegas and are going back tomorrow to check it out.

We also test drove a Chevy HHR - it's a little "retro" station wagon. Gutless eclaire even with the 2.4l engine but comfortable.

Thanks for the advice.