Wednesday, August 17, 2022

And I thought I was dull before!

 Wow, it's been an entire month since I updated the blog and, honestly, it has been pretty dull.  We've had a few doctor visits but the only thing we did that was really interesting was that we went to San Diego for a quick trip to the zoo.  And I have zero photos of it!  

We really wanted to have Gus get to spend a couple days in the local kennel and going to San Diego seemed like a great opportunity.  I guess he did ok in the kennel and he was ok with us when we got him back so maybe that will work out.  We hope to travel without him once in a while so getting him comfortable in a kennel is a requirement.  So far it looks like this will work out.

San Diego is about a 5 hour drive from here so, what with our not-early start, Tuesday was mostly about getting to the city.  We did have one weird thing happen.  We got in the HOV lane when we were going along on I-215 and the GPS told us we had to get off the highway.  We did that then the GPS was telling us to get back onto the highway!  Apparently it thought the HOV lane was some other road entirely.  That's certainly never happened before.  We also weren't too taken with the signage on the highway having the Interstate being subordinate to other roads.  We had to get off the highway several times to remain on I-215.  It just seemed weird to us.

We stayed in a motel we've used before, the Old Town Inn.  It is walking distance to the Old Town area so we got to walk around there a bit and found a Mexican seafood restaurant for dinner.  It was really very nice.  We ate outside and it was quite comfortable.  Wednesday we spent at the zoo.  These days the zoo is $120 for two senior one day passes.  Hmmm, it is certainly not for the poor people.  

We had a nice lunch with a bottle of wine then promptly got lost looking for various exhibits.  It was fun though.  We'd parked our car under some solar panels that are joined up to charge electric vehicles.  It takes quite a few panels to charge a car so some of us old gas guzzlers can park in the shade too.  We'd had a late lunch so dinner just turned into snacks.  

The next day we headed back home.  We took I-15 rather than I-215 this time and it worked much better!  Then before we hit the California border we came across a lane closure to fix one lane of a two lane bridge.  Somehow that turned into a 40 minute delay!  Grrr!  We finally made it to Baker, CA where we had a late lunch at The Mad Greek.  It has been a favorite stop on the trip for years but it closed for at least a year over the Covid problem.  Anyway, it's back now.

Other that that little trip it's been quiet times here.  There is a 'monsoon' season over in Las Vegas and they have had flooding and all kinds of stuff.  We had a couple little showers but nothing special.  My wife did find a puddle outside one morning and we had to record that.

Otherwise we've had some nice sun rises but not much going on.

So that's all the news that's fit to print from this end of the world.  I hope things are good where you are.  Take care & keep washing those hands.

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