Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Ok time for photos!

 Well, if you look at this blog you'll notice that I do like to include photos.  I've been taking pictures since back in the dark ages!  And I'll probably continue until my darkest age comes.  Anyway, I have a couple of photos to share today.  So first of all is a little cup sized vessel.  It is standing on little legs but the sun on it makes it's shadow totally different. 

You can see how the little cup is standing on the glass counter and is reflected below it but the part I love is the shadow on the wall behind it that is just the upside down portion.  Those stupid wires screw things up but our tv management hasn't allowed us to get rid of them!

To add to the shadow photo locker I'll post this guy.  We bought this in Paris about 24 or 25 years ago.  We like it but adding the shadow version makes it special.


Next up is a late evening view of the moon.  This is NOT a full moon even though my photo might make it look like that.

Our car decided to be stupid and killed one of the, I'm sure, many computer chips working away all the time.  This one controlled the SYNC3 and backup camera and a few other things.   Anyway I had to spend HOURS at the dealership in Las Vegas waiting for them to get the thing working again.  I think they did but during my sitting around they had to manually move this 1930 van so they could put up a Christmas tree.  It took 4 guys at least an hour to push this thing around.  And their paychecks are attached to the money I'm spending there!  Grrr!

And one final thing.  We often go out to lunch.  Yesterday we hit our favorite Thai place for lunch and got a table next to the window.  We had mostly finished our meal but I still had some beer.  I've never seen the carbonatization display itself like this.  It's short but amazing!

So, have a Great Thanksgiving if you are in the U.S.  Otherwise have a great few days.  Keep washing those hands and take care!

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