Saturday, June 25, 2022

Lots of excitement!

Well, no, actually very little excitement.  We did do something a little different though.  Last week we celebrated our 38th anniversary.  

Wow, was that ever a long time ago!  We got married by a co-worker who was legally able to marry people.  It was in our house after work with the kids and a couple friends as witnesses.

We put Gus in a kennel and went in to Las Vegas for a night.  We had a nice time; nothing very crazy but it was nice. In the late morning we parked the car in the Treasure Island parking lot and walked around a bit.   We haven't been in any of the Vegas casinos in years so that was kind of different.  It was early enough that most of the shops weren't open.  Eventually we wandered across a pedestrian bridge and found some restaurants.  We ended up sharing a plate of nachos with chicken tinga.  It was just something different.  My wife's foot is still painful from her surgery and she'd had enough walking so we headed off for the motel.

My wife had found a Best Western hotel WAY off the strip so we went there for a couple hours quiet time before going out to dinner.  It was a fairly nice place.  It certainly was not going for the casino crowd.  We had decided to go to Bonefish Grill for dinner.  It is a chain but it is just totally different from the places we ordinarily go.  We used to go to one back when we lived in Orlando.  As it turns out the food was semi-acceptable and our server was a idiot.  Oh well!  

The next day we came home and retrieved Gus.  He was pretty happy to see us but they said he had been just fine.  We liked hearing that because he needs to have a place he can stay when we want to go somewhere.  

I think that's all the news.  Thanks for stopping by.  Keep washing those hands!

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Croft said...

Congratulations you guys! It sounds like a nice little getaway despite the less than memorable meal,