Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Ok, I voted.

 It is primary election time and in this totally Republican county the winner today has little chance of losing the actual election.  I mean a couple years ago we voted in a dead pimp as a member of the county council!  

Actually my wife and I voted last Friday.  We went in and used the machines.  We actually have candidates who are all in favor of going back to paper ballots.  Jeez!  But I'll bet we will be going back to paper in the future.  The idiots will prevail.  I must say the Republican party in this county has plenty of money to mail ads to the voters; we get 4 or 5 cards every day urging us to vote for X or Y.  And, of course, there are a few that say 'Don't vote for Z!'  I guess it's just regular electioneering but it's exhausting just reading that drivel.  And the number of candidates who think putting a photo of Mr. Trump on their ad is THE key selling point is just astounding.

We've moved into summer even though it's still a week or so away.  We are in the low 100's (37-38C) so it's not officially HOT.  Of course if the a/c stopped working that would be a different story.  Along those lines, our country has some very interesting decisions to make.  Since we are not convinced that Global Warming is true, that will affect a lot of choices.  We are obviously in a severe drought in the West but there doesn't seem to be much we can do about that.  People are moving to Las Vegas in droves but there is a small problem with the amount of water available to keep those folks alive.  Solar power is extremely effective here in the Southwest but it is amazing how little it is used by normal people.  Of course there is the problem of violence in all it's forms:  gun attacks; driving into crowds of people; mob violence.  Hell, it's just depressing.

I did see a cartoon about carrying a firearm that I really liked.

That's all I've got today.  Have a good one and keep washing those hands.

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Croft said...

LOL! A dead pimp! Still a better choice that a live Republican. I hope you and your wife are well. I am still sticking around home as my son, his wife and both my granddaughters have recently had covid so I am staying away for a while longer. Watching the news you would almost be lulled into thinking the pandemic is over. The truth is it is anything but!