Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My wife is having a love affair with her Wii.  She is on it first thing in the morning to weigh herself and last thing at night when she is exercising on it.  Once in a while I join her but not too often.

Last fall I turned 62.  At the time, according to the Wii, I weighed about 235 lb (106kg).  Too much.  The Wii takes great delight in proclaiming "That's obese!"  Makes you want to kick the thing.  However, in that weird thing called my brain, I figured out that I was about 35 lb (15+kg) heavier than I would like and in 36 months I would be 65 years of age.  Hmmmm, how about a gradual diet so that on my 65th birthday I would weigh 200 lb (90kg)?  So that's my plan.  Let's see if I'm still blogging by then!

Actually I'm about a third of the way to my goal already.  Just getting out and walking every day helps.  The mantra "portion control" is also helping.  I hardly ever finish a restaurant meal these days.  Either I leave it or get a doggie bag for later.  The other day we each had three leftover portions in the fridge.  Think we eat out enough?  Yeah, but we are doing it to try and keep the economy going.  Yeah, right!

A couple of interlopers I found in the back yard about 04:30 the other morning.  They were cleaning up under the bird feeder so I guess I should thank them.  They hopped off down the bunny trail before sunrise.

Have a good one!


Croft said...

Portion sizes in the USA are about double what you will get in Canada or Mexico. I usually get through about 90% of mine but Norma seldom finishes half of hers! We always have leftovers in the fridge.

Unknown said...

Used to be all kinds of bunnies around here. You couldn't take a walk at night without stepping on them.

Then the tularemia raged and now you seldom see them. Give it another few years and I'm sure they'll be back.

(As someone who still weighs the same as I did when I was playing football, I'd love to lose a 100 lbs before I die, but I (and my doctor) don't hold out hope that I'll ever be that skinny.))

JoeinVegas said...

Aren't the pigeons supposed to clean up under the bird feeder? Are they slacking off?