Monday, May 09, 2011

Weather Report

From a weather prospective we've had an interesting day in the valley today.  My wife and I walked this morning about 06:15.  There was a huge black cloud covering the mountain to our east; and the cloud was heading our way.  We wanted to walk but walking out in the desert in the rain didn't appeal.  We decided to go out just a ways into the desert then make our way to hard surfaced roads.  That worked ok, we walked a touch over 2 miles (3.2km) about 2/3rds of which was hard surfaces.  (When the desert gets wet, it gets muddy to the point that 4x4 vehicles get stuck.)

After breakfast I went outside to post a letter about 10:00 - it was a beautiful day!  The black cloud dispersed and we had a beautiful partly cloudy day.  Blue sky and white clouds; it was just perfect.  We decided to go out to lunch.  It was spitting rain as we drove into town.  We ate then headed for the supermarket.  When we came out it was breezy and raining.  It rained all the way home.  Hmmm.

Now at 16:00 it is blue sky and fluffy white clouds again.  But there are heavier clouds over the Eastern mountains.  Well, if it rains up there no one is going to complain.  That water will enter the aquifer at some point and will fill our well eventually.  And down here on the floor of the valley no one is going to complain about another bit of rain.  How much?  Hard to measure but you can be sure that you couldn't float a stick the diameter of a pencil in it.

As you can tell, I didn't do much today.  I've been looking at diversifying our portfolio into commodities.  It just doesn't seem like a good time to go there; things are up 100% even more.  Sounds like I'm late to the party.  No problem, everything is cyclical.  I remember a guy buying gold coins at $800 each; the same coins that are now worth twice that.  I couldn't afford them or I might have thought of doing it as well.  The only problem is that he was doing it in about 1980.  30 years is a long time to wait for a return on your money.  Maybe I'll find something to buy tomorrow.  I can always dream.

Have a good one!

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