Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's going on??

We've got unusual things going on in the valley; not just the normal stuff.  We have a couple days of warm weather then a few of colder than normal.  A couple days of windy weather then a couple days of calm.  There is a lot of 'sabre rattling' in the normal way of things but not much actual violence.  It's not unusual to go into the grocery store and see some guy my age wearing a handgun on his belt.  Not this week.  No, this week I had a deputy come up to the door and ask if I'd heard any gunfire or loud cars lately.  Hmmm.  No, sorry, I had to reply.  If any low-lifes had been playing shoot-em-up, I didn't hear it.  Oh well, I've always preferred life in the slow lane.

Speaking thereof, I've been reading how TIPS bonds have been screwing their purchasers several ways from Sunday.  How's that for ugly?  Not only are you getting no return but the value of the bond is going down.  Here I was actually thinking of buying some.  Guess lethargic is the best reaction after all. 

Talked to our neighbor yesterday as a reaction to the sheriff's visit.  They revealed that they have a gun in the house that 'looks like' a real gun.  Jeez, if that isn't asking for trouble.  Break into a house insured by Smith and Wesson and you'll probably leave feet first; break into a house insured by BB and Associates and the home owner might just precede you.  NOT a good result for the good guys.  Just for the record, my wife shoots better than I do but I did get my marksmanship badge.

A couple of months ago we were talking with the guys who run our ISP and discovered that our router was semi-broken.  Last week we bought a new N-series router.  Today we managed to get it installed.  Not to hope that things will be faster but at least we shouldn't have any delays on our side of the tracks!  It DID take a call to our ISP to get the thing going but that's the joy of living in a small town:  we know where they live so they are really great with customer service!  (See para above re shooting on our street!)  Really, they have been great with service from day 1!  Go AirInternet!  I've got to give them a 5 out of 5 in every way.

Talked to a friend today who's son has had a child with an alcoholic.  It makes you thankful for normal life.  The kid is facing having to take his child away from it's mother for it's own good.  Imagine coming home from work at 15:00, finding your partner drunk in bed and your child not having eaten all day.  It's a classical definition of the need for Child Protective Services.  If that young man cannot take on the roll of single father, that child really needs to go into care.  It's ugly, ugly, ugly anyway you look at it.  Here's hoping he can make some lemonade from those lemons! 

Have a good one!

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