Sunday, May 08, 2011

Interesting weather

It's 65F (18C) right now in Pahrump and windy.  The wind picks up enough dirt that it makes the mountains look kind of foggy and when the sun breaks through the mountain can almost look like it has snow on it.  Amazing!  The wind is blowing and whistling at the open window like a winter snow storm; but the window IS open.  We won't get too warm today and it's supposed to be even cooler tomorrow but by Wednesday we'll be back in the low 80's F (27 C). 

I was talking with one of the neighbors last night.  He told me proudly how his dog had caught and killed a rabbit while on his leash!  I don't know about you but I have my dog on a leash for a reason.  Letting it behave like that strikes me as weird at best.  I can see where a dog would like to hunt a rabbit but while you are taking the dog for a walk?  On a leash?  Nah, just doesn't compute for me.

Our daughter is coming over to cook lunch/dinner for her mother for Mother's Day.  It should be interesting; she was talking about bringing lobster.  She brought salmon one time and we decided she can't select a good salmon to save her.  Let's see what she can do about selecting lobster.  Should be interesting at least.  Actually, I"m wondering if she has ever prepared lobster!

She is also worried about her weight so is not drinking alcohol.  We said we could forgo it as well so that will add another twist.  It will be the first dinner we've had with her in years where wine will not be on the table.  My folks never had alcohol with meals but somewhere in my twenty's or thirty's I decided wine improved a meal and we've had it ever since.  Not a lot, but a glass or two. 

Well, Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there.  Have a good one.

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