Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Travel

My wife and I are planning our summer travels which is mostly going over to Colorado to visit friends.  On the way back we'll spend some time in various parks checking out a few of the natural wonders of the American West.  We thought we would spend most of our time in Colorado and Northern Utah.  Later on in the year we hope to make quick visits some of the places that are closer to home like Bryce and Zion Natl. Park.  Google says it is a 4 hour drive to St. George, UT from here.  We probably don't go as fast as they expect us to but it's still a day's drive;.  If you make a week of it, you have plenty of time to wander around.

We won't be going for a while yet but we get a lot of enjoyment from making plans, looking up places we might visit in guidebooks (remember them?) and on the net. There is also a certain about of staring at maps.  As the time to leave draws closer, it just becomes more fun.  If anyone has a favorite road in Colorado or a favorite park or whatever; I'd be happy to hear your ideas.

I had a list of things I wanted to fix on the trailer before using it again; now if I could only find the list!  One thing that is a no-brainer is to wax the front of the rig.  A nice coat of wax making bug removal so much easier!  And I can do it while the rig is still in it's shed, the only piece of shade in our yard.  It's not really warm here yet but the other day I was trying to clean the car windshield and the cleaner was drying on the glass before I could wipe if off!  That's just silly.

Speaking of silly; I was watching Fox News this a.m.  Yes, I know how unlike actual news their programs are but they have great weather & traffic.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  ANYWAY, there was a piece on Mark  Zuckerberg, you know, the Facebook guy.  Apparently he has started living a new diet:  he only eats what he has killed.  Hmmm, far be it from anyone to make fun of another's beliefs, but really!  They claim he's killed a chicken, a pig and a goat.  Why do I think he has someone else do the butchering?  And I guess plants don't count or is he killing his own corn and peas?  If that's what happens to your brain, I guess I'm glad I don't have all those billions!

Have a good one!

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