Saturday, May 07, 2011

Working at something....

Today turned into a work day; yes, actual physical work!   It started more normally; my wife and I took our morning walk.  We had been good at walking a couple miles a day but stopped while it was so cold.  We are finally getting back into it.  Today was only about 1.75 miles (2.8km) but it gives you a good start for the day.  We went out for breakfast then got to work.

I vacuumed the house (yes, Virginia, men can run vacuum cleaners!).  Then went on my continuing hunt for weeds.  Killing the weeds means walking up and down the length of the back yard with a sprayer full of goop.  I actually walk along a straight line from the back wall to the end of the weeds be that 100 feet or whatever.  The hardest part is trying to walk a straight line!  Used half a gallon (2 l) of weed killer.  While out there I discovered some of the insulation is missing from our water pump/piping; another job for the job jar.  Then I hit the front yard.  It needs checking but for some reason has far fewer weeds than the back.  Perhaps we did a better job in the front last year therefore there are fewer seeds.  Whatever it's not bad.  I discovered that the cactus that we thought only survived the winter is having a new sprout.  That's him sticking our horizontally in the left part of the photo.  Friendly looking little guy, huh?

Mother's Day is tomorrow here in the U.S.  It's one of those holidays manufactured to sell cards and flowers.  People seem to like it though.  We went out to brunch one time; never again!  Loud, crowded, lousy food, lousy service - it was just a disaster.  We've never gone out on a holiday again!  I've been drafted to create a mushroom/cream cheese omelet for the lady of the house for breakfast (her favorite).  Our daughter will be over later with some food and she & I will be the chefs.  How do I get drafted into these things!

Gotta go.  Have a good one!

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