Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama - RIP

Well, after almost ten years and who could even guess how many billions of dollars, Osama Bin Laden is dead.  Who really gives a fuck?  It's not going to bring back even one of the 5,000 plus men and women who have died looking for him.  It's not going to put a leg or an arm back on any of the many more thousands of men and women who have been injured.  All it means is there is someone else running some terror group.  Gee.

In other news, nothing much happened.  At least not in our paper.  Well, maybe now we can bring our troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq and let the local chieftains get on with their power struggles.  In Iraq what are we doing?  First we are giving the local religious zealots a nice 'Christian' target and secondly we are trying to keep the locals from killing each other.  I'm really tired of religious wars and I'm really tired of having our troops being in countries where we haven't been invited.  Bring the troops back home and let the locals do whatever they are going to do to one another.

Here's a link to Charlie Reese's article about Afghanistan.  Charlie is one of my icons.  He was a writer for various newspapers; he's retired now.  (I'm hoping he is still alive and well!)  I enjoyed his columns in the Orlando Sentinal in the 1980's when we lived in Orlando, FL.  I was still enjoying them in 2008 when we were living in Palm Harbor, FL.  Charlie thought that we in the U.S. are blessed to be living here and that we ought to expend our energy on making this an even better place to be rather than running around trying to be policeman for the world.  He thought that if people in some far away land wanted to kill each other, it was just fine to let them do that.  The more I think about it, the more I agree with that idea.  So when you Aussies start fighting over which is the better beer, don't expect the U.S. to come & try to keep you apart.  If you couldn't tell, I'm damn tired of paying in blood and money for other people's problems.

Have a good one folks, it's a tough world out there.


Unknown said...

Well said. Kudos!

Looks to me like the guy was hanging out in Pakistan for all these years. However, with the money coming in (from the US) to find BnLaden the last thing Pakistan wanted to stop -- was the flow of money.

Anonymous said...


Exactly right. Enough of sending our money and people around the world to be the enforcer. We need both resources here at home. This mission and the use of drones in warfare proves that, when necessary, we can conduct strategic military actions. We will never ever be able to eliminate civil discord or religious wars. They live under theocracy by choice and have no interest in democracy. We now find that after billions of dollars in aid to Pakistan that they probably harbored Bin Laden. Enough sending our tax dollars over there. Enough sending our troops over there. We have enough need here at home.

Bill in Neb.