Friday, May 20, 2011

Wild and Crazy!

I went all wild and crazy this afternoon and washed the car!  Talk about unheard of behavior; that is practically the definition.  I've been taking it to our local car wash of course but haven't gotten the old pail and hose out in several years at least.  The problem is that for $8 the car wash isn't getting the sides of the car clean.  The big dirt is knocked off but not the little stuff.  So I went for it.

Turns out I had some really nasty tar on the bottom of the door sills.  It took some time with a special cleaner to get rid of that crud.  And we've got two places where the paint is chipped!  Grrrr!  Well, that's what we get for living in a place where there are lots of rocks.  When heading over the hump we always find people with  rocks in their tires.

Went to a new Mexican place for lunch.  It was ok but making a return visit is questionable.  The sauce on the burrito was not as good as our regular place.  I had some chicken tacos; that chicken seemed like it had been through a food processor.  That's not a nice consistency!  Also it seemed like they weren't seasoning their food very well.  The chicken was just chicken; the rice was just that; I guess there was a kitchen problem that is most likely endemic.  Guess we'll have to go to the old place.

Had some leftover cajun roast for dinner.  There was a guy named Justin Wilson who had a cooking show back many years ago.  Justin loved being Cajun and his food reflected that love.  We bought both his cook books and I love making this roast.  It's a  chuck roast with lots of jalapeno, cayenne and wine:  what's not to like!  Justin died many years ago but I raise a glass to his memory every time we have some of his food.

After dinner we went out to the patio to enjoy the evening.  It was a pretty quiet evening for us; sometimes we are busy solving the worlds problems but tonight it was just enjoying the beauty of the evening.  We had finches, sparrows and mourning doves joining us.  Considering that there was a dog and a cat hanging out with us on the patio I thought that showed plenty of courage.  Or maybe they recognize a creaky dog and a lazy house cat when they see them.  Don't know but no feathers were harmed during the evening.

Hope you had a lovely and peaceful day.  Take care!


Croft said...

You washed the car and it is the end of the world tomorrow! Oh well, there is not much danger of you or I being "swept up" in the "May 21st rapture" so it was not that much of a wasted effort.

JoeinVegas said...

I watched his tv show just for the way he talked, never tried cooking any of it.