Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well, we ended up moving to Verizon and getting DROID phones.  No photos because I'm facing a large learning curve!  Maybe I'll manage something later today.  My 'real' excuse is that the phone needed to be charged before I could use it.  We really wanted to stay with AT&T because we worked for them for a long time back in the day but they just would not offer us unlimited internet access.  It's HIGHLY unlikely that we would ever use much internet via that tiny screen but they wouldn't match Verizon's offer so we bailed.  Sorry but it's still the dumb company that used to be known by their unofficial slogan:  we don't care, we don't have to.  Of course Verizon is what used to be GTE & they were so bad they made AT&T look good so we'll see what happens here.  Actually I'm hoping Virgin grows into a real competitor.

On to another equally inspiring tale.  Woke up this a.m. to see our neighbor inspecting their prone mailbox.  Someone knocked it over in the night.  The first thought is a drunk with a car but there are zero tire tracks.  Then we saw something down the road.  Yep, TWO more mailboxes beat up.  Vandals apparently; why they didn't knock ours over we'll probably never know.  Maybe the fact that it is so 'normal'?  Who knows what kids think!  Maybe they heard me snoring in my recliner and thought I might come out and kick their asses.  Humph, it would take more that a little twerpy teen to wake me!  LOL

Apparently the 'end of the world' thing didn't come off; or maybe I'm contacting you from the 'other side' but anyway I feel pretty much the same.  I'm still chilly; my foot is still bruised from the other day; the dog is still a whiny beast.  No, I've got to think it's business as usual.  Works for me!  Actually, I love this world.  There are blots on the landscape, like the little twerps who knocked over the mailboxes, but they are just annoying.  We walked around the pond over at Terrible's Lakeside last night.  It's an rv park that has won awards for it's beauty.  It IS very nice and they had a ton of birds.  Ducks begging for food and many smaller birds that I couldn't name.  They even had hummingbirds going for insects in the air.  It was really cool to see them darting around. 

Quiet day planned for today:  visit from our daughter, a meal, maybe a vid.  Life in the slow lane if I've ever heard it.  Have a good one!


JoeinVegas said...

Now you'll just have to get those glasses fixed and commence browsing.

Unknown said...

I am so disappointed about the lack of a world end. {*grin*}

Good luck on your learning curve.